DIY Craft For Christmas – Fun Pinecone Ornament

Do you love the Christmas season and making festive DIY Christmas crafts as much as we do?! We’re so excited to share with you these easy Christmas crafts for the holiday season!

Get into the holiday spirit with DIY pinecone ornaments. It’s one of the best Christmas crafts you can do in less than 5 minutes.

Image shows a finished DIY craft for Christmas - pinecone craft - Kids Activities Blog
Make a beautiful ornament!

Simple DIY Christmas Crafts

Making our own holiday crafts has become a Christmas tradition in our home. It’s an easy way to put our leftover craft supplies to good use while having a great time with the entire family. Festive decorations don’t have to cost extra money!

If you love easy crafts as much as we do, then this one is perfect just for you. If you have pine cones, glue and scissors, you’ll be on your way to making homemade ornaments that are simply beautiful. The best part is that this great craft idea is ideal for kids of all ages, including children in kindergarten and older kids since not only are they so much fun, but also a super easy DIY.

Let’s make a fun Christmas craft!

DIY Craft for Christmas - Kids Activities Blog - pine cones, scissors, glue, ribbon
Grab your supplies!

Supplies Needed To Make DIY Ornaments

  • pretty ribbon
  • pine cones
  • scissors
  • glue or hot glue gun with a glue stick

Instructions To Make DIY Christmas Ornaments

Step 1

Cut the ribbon to the length you want and make ribbons.

DIY Craft for Christmas - Kids Activities Blog -  step 1
You can make ribbons in different sizes and colors.

Step 2

Glue your ribbons to the top of the pine cones.

DIY Craft for Christmas - Kids Activities Blog -  step 2
Now, glue the ribbons to your pinecones.

Step 3

Attach the ornament hooks, or just place your ornaments on the Christmas tree.

DIY Craft for Christmas - Kids Activities Blog -  step 3
Your ornaments are all done!

Fun Ideas for your DIY Christmas Decorations

  • If you don’t have hooks to hang your ornaments from your Christmas tree, you can glue a brown pipe cleaner on the back in a semi circle.
  • Love mason jar crafts? Get some large mason jars and place your DIY crafts inside!
  • If you’ve got extra time, a great way to take these holiday decorations to the next level is by dabbing some white paint on your pinecones with a small brush to make it look like snow has fallen on.
  • You can hang these pinecone crafts where you want! In your front door, or set on your dinner table before the big day.
  • If you’ve got young family members, you can get some googly eyes and glue them on your pinecones.
  • They also double as great DIY Christmas gifts – just put some Christmas cards on them with a lovely note, and they’re ready to go!


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