Our kids look forward to December activities.   They love to do a fun activity together each morning.   Here is what you have to look forward to this upcoming month from Kids Activities Blog:

december activities

December Activities

We created a list of 27 “Count Down to Christmas” activities.   We have created an advent calendar of sorts with them, stuffing the slips of paper into matchboxes.   You can also make a paper chain of the ideas and tear off the activities as you do them, leading up to Christmas morning!   For other ideas check out our collection of advent calendar ideas.

Play with a Nativity Set together.   You can make your own or use a store-bought one.   This is a great activity to do together after you read the Christmas story.

Don’t forget after Christmas – there are still several days of December left!   Holly has a great idea that we hope to replicate this year, it’s a great way to do thank you notes with kids who either are not yet old enough to write or who detest the task, have them pose while enjoying their gifts.

thank you notes - great ideas for kids who can't write

Fun Activity

Christmas morning is our time together as a nuclear family, before the crowd arrives.   It is fun to do something special together.   Kim has a great tradition with her kids, they make snowman pancakes for breakfast.   You can also have your kids make cinnamon roll french toast – it is a really easy recipe!

Pick a Preschool Christmas Craft to do together.   That is a collection of some of our favorites from last year!

gift ideas for your kids to make for others

Homemade Christmas

Consider adding a personal touch to Christmas this year by making Christmas Gifts with and for your kids.   Here is a list of 101 Homemade Gift ideas that your kids will love!

Decorate your tree this year with homemade Christmas ornaments.   Last year we made a bunch from old toys, cinnamon sticks, salt dough, etc.   The kids all said that this was one of the things they are looking forward to doing together this year too!

December Holidays

Winter Solstice.   Feed the winter Birds on this “longest day of the year”.

More Kids Activities

What December activities does your family enjoy doing together each year?   Try a fun activity or two from some of the ideas below.   Kids activities like these can be simple and sweet:

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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