Your child can make a puzzle out of their favorite cereal box.   What a great way to have fun and make a recycled craft!

make a puzzle

My little girl loves Dora.   She did not want to throw away the empty cereal box from her Dora cereal because she liked the pictures on it so much.   So instead of just letting her hoard the cereal box away to her room, we decided to turn it into a recycled craft and make a puzzle.

Make a Puzzle

It is so easy to make a puzzle out of a cereal box.   You just start cutting.   Be sure that each puzzle piece is made up of a piece of the side of the cereal box to give each piece some structure and stability.

cereal box

We also learned that the puzzle pieces keep their shape better when they are large.   Smaller pieces are a little bit harder to work with.

When the cutting is complete, your child will have a pile of 3D puzzle pieces.

puzzle pieces from cereal box

Cereal Box

Now it’s time to put their favorite character back together as they work the cereal box puzzle.   Working with thin cardboard is easy but the 3-dimensional nature of this puzzle makes it a little more challenging.   The child not only has to figure out whether the picture on the puzzle piece is from the front or back of the cereal box but then they have to piece it together again.

little girl working puzzle

The cut pieces of thin cardboard tended to sink in the middle some because there wasn’t any structure to hold it up.   However, my daughter enjoyed the challenge of the puzzle.   She especially loved the fact that we could make a puzzle from her favorite Dora cereal box.

I love that we turned a piece of trash into a recycled craft that my daughter can enjoy over and over again in a new way.

Kids can make a puzzle out of more than just a cereal box.   The Quirky Mommas have more ideas for kids activities with puzzles:

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