Have you heard of the Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster? If you haven’t, get ready because your summer and water gun wars will never be the same! This Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster is super epic and kids of all ages can play with it. And it’s out just in time for summer! The original Super Soaker ain’t got nothing on this Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster. Everybody will be having fun getting soaked with this water gun! It is the best way to stay cool this summer.

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster being shot by a young man sitting on the grass outside
Get your Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster for an epic NERF battle!

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster

It’s summer and it’s hot out. I don’t know about your kids, but my kids have spent so much time outside already this summer just playing in the water to keep cool and entertained.

With that being said, you might want to add one more water toy to your arsenal and this Nerf Super Soaker RoboBlaster should be it!

It can be hard to get kids outside nowadays. There are so many things to watch on the TV and tablets! This Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster will get them outside, playing, running, and having fun in the sun!

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster shooting water on the grass with two kids shooting water guns at the targets on the RoboBlaster
You can use your Super Soakers to knock down the targets!

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster Dimensions and Specifications

This Nerf Super Soaker is the perfect way to drench your kids in water all summer long!

It comes equipped with a powerful water blast, 60-degree rotating head, and an on/off water control valve. This blaster can even drench your friends from 30ft away! It stands 19″L x 18″W x 20″H so it’s great for big kids and younger kids.

Plus, it has targets on it! Use your other NERF super soakers to shoot down all the targets! The best part is, this Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster is great for multiplayers. NERF wars will never be the same.

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster shooting at kids with kids shooting at the targets with super soakers outside on the grass Text: drench the competition from 30ft and 60 degree rotating head!
It’s robot vs humans with this fun Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster. It can shoot water up to 30ft!

How Do You Use This Awesome Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster?

You can manually play and use the blaster by attaching it to the hose or you can fill the blaster up and shoot the target. Once the target is shot, the blaster will drench you in water.

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster- Text: manual takeover! Human vs Human- Boss mode!! - Robot Vs Humans- Multiple Ways To Play- kids and adults playing with super soaker guns along side the RoboBlaster
There are so many different ways to play with this super soaker toy.

This is certainly a water toy that will entertain the kids for hours while they have fun in the sun.

Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster Text: adjustable base! Customize for any terrain! Super soaker on the grass hooked up to an outside green hose
It even has an adjustable base.

Where Do You Get Your Own Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster?

You can get the Nerf Super Soaker RoboBlaster on Amazon for under $19.79 here.

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Have you tried the Nerf super soaker RoboBlaster? Are you going to get one this summer?

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