Have you seen the Nerf darts vacuum? Everyone loves a great NERF war, but cleaning up the nerf darts afterwards can take forever, not to mention all the bending and picking up. That is no longer a problem with the nerf vacuum!

The nerf vacuum picks up all the nerf darts and is orange and blue with a long metal handle and 2 wheels.
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NERF Vacuum

I don’t know why the didn’t create this sooner, but I, and my home, are glad to have it now, and my kids love it!

Are you as excited as I am to have a house that doesn’t have a million NERF darts everywhere? If so, then let us introduce you to this awesome toy vacuum that you’ll be wanting to add to your NERF arsenal.

Now you can buy a Nerf “vacuum cleaner” that helps you pick up all those darts– the NERF Elite Dart Rover!

Nerf Rover Vacuum Cleaner

Designed like a toy vacuum cleaner or a child’s corn popper toy or very similar to a carpet sweeper, the NERF Elite Dart Rover lets you pick up up to 100 NERF darts at once, just by rolling it over your carpet or hardwood flooring.  

The attached mesh bag collects the darts as they are picked up too, so you can transfer them into a storage bag or bin. Isn’t that the best idea yet?

This boy in jeans and a gray shirt is using the nerf vacuum to clean up his nerf elite darts.
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NERF Dart Rover 

Made for kids of all ages, the NERF Elite Dart Rover also has an adjustable handle so that any child can use it to help with clean up time and non-slip wheels that roll smoothly on flat surfaces.

The NERF Elite Dart Rover is designed for indoor use only, so it’s not recommended to try on the grass.  The Rover actually makes clean up more fun.

Challenge your kids to see how quickly they can pick up the darts or how many darts they can pick up in a few passes.

The blue and orange nerf vacuum as a basket on the back where it holds all the nerf darts.
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Nerf Dart Vacuum

Like most kids, our kids love NERF wars, and we know there will be plenty of them during our social distancing summer.  

It’s a great way to get some active play and socialization while still maintaining an acceptable distance between friends. 

The boy in a gray t-shirt and jeans is now getting the nerf darts out of the basket on the back of the nerf vacuum.
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Nerf Gun Vacuum

Not only is it great for social distancing and NERF wars, but it is a great way for your child to learn responsibility and learn to take care of their stuff.

For years we were always buying extra NERF darts, because they would be lost or no one would want to pick them up, so I really like anything that teaches my kids to be a little more responsible and clean up after themselves.

But unlike other toy vacuums and pretend vacuums, this one actually works!

NERF Elite Darts

Also, to specify, this toy vacuum is for NERF elite darts only. The NERF elite darts are the traditional oblong darts with a rubber tip. The NERF vacuum will not work on:

  • High-Impact Round
  • Mega Dart
  • Stefan
  • Hyper Round

Basically any of the NERF bullets that are a disc, super wide and thick, or a ball. But those usually come from special NERF guns anyway. Most use the traditional NERF elite darts nowadays from what I have seen.

An up close image of the blue and orange nerf vacuum cleaning up nerf darts that go into the basket on the back of it.
From Amazon

If you want a NERF Elite Dart Remover of your own, you can get one for your house on Amazon!

How to create a NERF battlefield to make your NERF wars epic, then clean up with the NERF dart vacuum.

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Do you have a Nerf vacuum? We would love to hear more!

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