I was at Target looking at the Target Easter baskets when I came across this Nerf egg full of candy and a game! How cool?! Kids of all ages will love this Nerf Easter egg and it’s a great way to fill up those Target Easter baskets.

Target Easter Basket Filler- Nerf Candy and Game Egg

Target is THE place to go for all things Easter. My store was finally stocked and today I came across so many cool things that I – – I mean, the Easter bunny needs to get for my kids’ Easter baskets.

One of those cool items was this Nerf Egg That Has Candy and A Finger Football Game Inside! Both of my boys love Nerf so as soon as I saw this, I knew I had to get them each one.

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What Does The Nerf Easter Egg Candy and Game Contain?

This egg is bright orange in the Nerf logo color and inside contains Smarties candy, football goal and a mini football so your kids can have their treat and play with it too!

NEW Nerf Finger Football game and Smarties-filled plastic egg is the perfect Easter Basket addition for all the Nerf fans. Includes suction cup football upright and mini football so you can challenge your friends to a game of Finger Football. Also includes Smarties candy to keep you fueled up for the big game.

Fill Your Target Easter Basket With ease

It can be daunting finding a good mix of candy and toys. You don’t want to overdo it when it comes to sugar, but you want them to have a little bit because it’s a special and fun holiday.

This is why this is so perfect. Plus, it’s multiplayer! Meaning you can play and spend time with your little one or your kids can play together! I love it!

This is the perfect addition to any Target Easter basket for the kids who love Nerf.

You can find this Nerf Egg at Target for $3.99 here.

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