This Nerf Ball Blaster Will Have You Playing Fetch with Your Dog for Hours

Sometimes playing fetch with your dog is no easy task. Thanks to Nerf, that is all about to change.


I have two dogs who love to play the game of, “I’ve got the ball and you have to chase me to get it”.

So, we’ve learned that with our German Shepard, we always have to have two balls to play with at all times.


That is why I am loving this Nerf Ball Blaster. It can be loaded with up to 3 balls at a time and makes playing fetch with your dog for hours, easy peasy.

Simply load tennis balls into the Nerf blaster and pull the trigger. Balls get launched up to 50 ft.


The best part is, there is a hands-free way to reload these so you don’t even have to touch the dirty, slimy balls if you don’t want to.

I love all sorts of quirky Nerf products and I am so excited to get my hands on this one.

You can grab the Nerf Dog Ball Blaster on Amazon for under $20 here.

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