If your kids love Nerf as much as mine do, they are going to love this Nerf Scooter with attached Nerf Blaster. Nerf has gone next level for sure with this one…and kids of all ages will want in on the fun. OK, admit it, you want one too!

Nerf scooter with nerf blaster attached from above
Nerf battles have never been more fun!

Nerf Scooter Is Fun Fun Fun

A Nerf Scooter with An Attached Blaster That Fires Nerf Darts up to 40 Feet Exists and it’s the coolest thing ever.

Two boys riding Nerf scooters with blasters on the sidewalk
The Nerf scooter race is on…

Your kids can ride around safely with this 3-wheeled Nerf scooter and even chase each other as they blast one another with Nerf darts.

Close up of the bottom plate of the Nerf Scooter
Step onto the base of the Nerf Scooter

You simply load your Nerf darts into the included clip and you have a button right on your scooter handle to blast the darts at someone.

The best part is, they blast up to 40 feet away!

Attached Nerf Blaster has cartridges for the Nerf bullets
Fill up your Nerf Blaster

Nerf Scooter Specifics

It is made for kids ages 6+ and up to 175 pounds so even the bigger kids can have fun too!

I’m thinking it would make a great gift for any kid!

child on a Nerf scooter wearing knee and arm pads along with helmet
Ready, get set…go!

You can grab the Nerf Scooter on Amazon for $79.99 here.

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