This shamrock waffle maker is perfect for St. Patty’s day or if you need some good luck for your day! You can make tasty and fun shamrock waffles! The best part is, this shamrock waffle maker is mini so you won’t have stuff yourself on giant pancakes!

Mini shamrock waffle maker with green waffles and lucky charms on a white background
These green shamrock waffles look so tasty and fun!

Shamrock Waffle Maker

Get ready to bring a little luck of the Irish to the breakfast table…Look at this new mini Shamrock waffler maker and it’s the cutest thing since the last shape they dropped!

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As you know, we love waffles and waffle makers here on Kids Activities Blog and this shamrock shaped waffle maker is the perfect addition to our collection. This adorable mini waffle maker makes charming mini clover-shaped waffle in just minutes.

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Dash green shamrock waffle maker with shamrock waffles
This shamrock waffle maker is easy to use! Heat, grease, and cook!

This Shamrock Waffle Maker Is Easy To Use

Simply turn it out, heat it up and pour your favorite waffle batter inside. It’s that easy! You will need to do some light greasing on the fryer plates to keep your waffles from sticking.

But it’s perfect. This mini shamrock waffle maker cooks evenly and makes deliciously perfect fried mini waffles! No set up is needed.

Berries, butter, sausage, eggs, shamrock waffles, and shamrock waffle maker on a white background
Make a complete breakfast, fun, festive, and perfect for St. Patty’s day.

Use Some Of OUr Favorite Waffle Mixes In Your Shamrock Waffle Maker

You can make waffles using waffle mixes. There are so many great different flavored waffle mixes you can use with your shamrock waffle maker.

There are so many great waffles you can make. And once you have some hot, crispy, and fluffy waffles, you can decorate them and make the super delicious and festive!

Decorate Your Shamrock Waffles After You Make Them

Decorate your shamrock waffles! You can do it beforehand by making green waffles in your shamrock waffle maker.

Then you can add marshmallows from lucky charms. Or decorate them with other things like:

Eggs, coins, lucky charms, marshmallows on green shamrock waffles, and butter on shamrock waffles- shamrock waffle maker
Add marshmallows, butter, or other sweets on your green shamrock waffles!

Personally, I am loving the green colored shamrock waffles but you make whatever makes you happy.

Where To Get Your Shamrock Waffle Maker

Cute mini shamrock waffle maker with green shamrock waffle, lucky charms, and eggs
I love this adorable shamrock waffle maker.

This adorable waffle maker is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and any day you need a little luck on your side.

The Shamrock waffle maker isn’t available, but there is a similar waffle with a Shamrock insert.

You can grab the Waffle Maker for $58.99 Here.

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Would you use this shamrock waffle maker? What do you think about the green shamrock waffles?

Hey! Don’t miss out on these great hot breakfast ideas!

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