These waffle ideas just keep getting cuter and cuter! We’ve found Christmas trees, hearts, and even dinosaurs, but these 3-dimensional car and truck waffles have upped the game even more. The Cars and Trucks Waffle Maker, from WaffleWow! by CucinaPro, is the next step in having the best breakfasts on the block.  Each waffle maker has the ability to make seven different car and truck shapes at once, and each of those is actually 3-dimensional, not flat.   Imagine waffles that resemble little Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars.  It’s the perfect reason to go ahead and play with your food and sure to make your kids a bit happier come breakfast time.  You might want to consider serving the syrup on the side for dipping, just in case! The Cars and Trucks Waffle Maker includes seven shapes in one batch, including a police car, monster truck, ambulance, pickup truck, school bus, race car, and garbage truck.  Wouldn’t it be adorable to decorate them too with a little bit of piped icing? Like a traditional waffle maker, the Cars and Trucks Waffle Maker comes with a non-stick interior so you can remove your vehicles without damage.  Waffles cook in just a few minutes after preheating, so breakfast can quickly be on the table. You can order our own Cars and Trucks Waffle Maker on Amazon too.  It retails for $49.95, but the cuteness level is so worth it.

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