Christmas is next month and if you are already in holiday mode, you need to see this!

Target is currently selling $10 Christmas Waffle Makers and I love them both so I am on my way to get some now!!

Just like the pumpkin and skull shaped waffle maker we saw around Halloween, these mini waffle makers come with a fun and festive design on them!

The first one is a Gingerbread Waffle Maker and it’s the perfect personal sized waffle (the kids will especially love them!)

The second one is in the shape of a snowflake and totally reminds me of Frozen!

OMG you could even use food coloring to make blue snowflake waffles! FUN!

Each Mini Christmas Waffle Maker is just $10 so you can totally afford to get both and make the cutest and most festive Christmas morning breakfast EVER!

I am sure these will sell out so if you want one, get it asap!

You can order the Gingerbread Man Mini Waffle Maker Here.

And you can order The Snowflake Mini Waffle Maker Here.

Happy holidays!

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