On St. Patrick’s Day, it’s always fun to partake in festive green food and drinks. Kids love it, as do grown-ups! So we didn’t want to leave the adults out and only share fun food for kids! In this collection of green goodies, you will find some tasty kid foods and drinks. And you’ll also find some more sophisticated edibles for the grown-ups.

25 Green Food Ideas: Treats for Kids and Adults (text) collage of 9 green food ideas including green food snacks and green foods for kids
Green food is good.

Green Food, Treats and Drinks

Sure, sure, you could have green eggs and ham, but why not a big stack of green pancakes or a green smoothie for breakfast to start off the St. Patrick’s Day fun? Later in the day, you can bake up some cake or cookies, or even make a green shake! Lots of delicious ideas to celebrate the day.

Green Breakfast Recipes

25 Green Food Ideas: Treats for Kids and Adults (text) collage of 4 different green food ideas including green pancakes, green donuts
Green breakfast for everyone.

1. Easy Green Pancake Recipe

Since green is gone, go for a fun breakfast with this Green Pancakes recipe by Thoughtfully Simple.

2. Green Eggs and Ham Donuts Recipe

This yummy Green Eggs (and ham) Donuts recipe by Crazy for Crust is for the win.

3. Healthy Spinach Pancake Recipe

Energize yourself with this amazing Spinach Pancakes recipe from Chocolate and Carrots!

4. Sweet Mint Chocolate Donuts Recipe

This awesome Created by Diane’s Mint Chocolate Donuts recipe is best for a sweet breakfast.

Green Smoothie Recipes for the family

 Green smoothie and green drinks (3 shown in clear glasses)
Healthy green smoothies!

5. Green Smoothie Recipe

Prepare this Green Smoothie Recipe for Your Little Leprechauns, recipe from Creative Green Living!

6. Honeydew Melon Smoothie

Artsy Momma shared their yummy Green Honeydew Melon Smoothie for Kids!

7. St. Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie

Make the holidays more special with this St. Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie by Cupcakes & Kale Chips.

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Green Sweets for your family

 Green food ideas - green treats and green desserts - 6 different green dessert ideas pictured in a collage
Yummy green sweets!

8. Krispie Treat Pinwheel Recipe

This awesome Krispie Treat Pinwheels by Cookies and Cups is so fun to make with the kids.

9. Ombre Green Rice Crispy Treats

The kiddos will love the colors of this Ombre Green Rice Crispy Treats by Love From The Oven!

10. St. Patrick’s Day Cream Puffs

Have a sweet day when you make this St. Patrick’s Day Cream Puffs by Mrs. Field’s Secrets.

11. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Want something refreshing? Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies by TidyMom is for you!

12. Pistachio Mousse Cups Recipe

You’ll love making this Pistachio Mousse Cups recipe by Cravings of a Lunatic.

Love these green Mint M&M Sugar Cookie Bars from Renee’s Kitchen Adventures.

14. Mint Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Combine the sweet and minty flavors in this Mint Chocolate Fudge by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

St. Patrick’s day Cake recipes

25 Green Food Ideas: Treats for Kids and Adults (text) 5 different Green food ideas including cakes and cupcakes some specifically for st patricks day
Green cakes? Why not?

15. St. Patrick’s Day Surprise Cake

Watch your kiddo’s precious surprised reaction when they see this St.Patrick’s Day Cake with a Surprise Inside by Created by Diane.

16. Green Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

Yes, you can make some Green Velvet Cupcakes! Check the recipe from Love From The Oven to make this happen.

17. Green Velvet Cheesecake Recipe

Just love that green velvety taste of this Green Velvet Cheesecake Recipe from RecipeGirl.

18. Rainbow Poke Cupcakes

Raining Hot Coupons’ amazing Rainbow Poke Cupcakes is a sure hit to the little ones!

19. Cool Grasshopper Cake

Curious how to make a cool Grasshopper Cake? Check out Roxana’s Home Baking and see how!

Easy Green Shakes for Holiday

Green food ideas - 3 different types of shamrock shakes pictured with straws
Sweet green shakes!

20. Leprechaun Shakes

Your kids will love this Leprechaun Shakes by The Kitchen is My Playground. It’s really a cool recipe!

21. Smiling Shamrock Shakes

Make someone smile when you make this Smiling Shamrock Shakes from Hungry Happenings.

22. Skinny Shamrock Shakes

Just because it’s a Skinny Shamrock Shake doesn’t mean it’s not yummy! Check out this recipe from Made To Be A Momma!

Green Cocktail Recipes

25 Green Food Ideas: for adults only - green cocktail ideas
Drink them up!

23. Emerald City Crush Cocktail

Discover the Emerald City Crush from Healthy. Delicious. Really. It’s delicious!

24. Green Boozy Shakes

This St. Patrick’s Day Boozy Shakes by Kailley’s Kitchen is so cool to drink.

25. Shamrock Shake with Bailey’s Whipped Cream

Try making some Shamrock Shake With Bailey’s Whipped Cream by Chocolate Moosey and you’ll make more of it again and again!

More Green and St. patrick’s Day FUn ideas

Pssst…try our fun green eggs and ham craft together!

Which green recipe are you making for your family? Share in the comments!

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