We are always on the hunt for new ways to make holidays special for our kids, and paintable Easter cookies seem like another great way to have fun.

Easter Cookies on a plate

This year, Costco is selling an 8-count bucket of DecoCookies shaped like Easter eggs and featuring different patterns to color.


And the best part about these cookies? Once you have completed your art project, they are 100% edible.

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Each kit comes with 8 delicious butter cookies, along with edible paints and paint brushes. The cookies are even certified to be peanut and tree nut allergy safe, so you’ll have an allergy-friendly option.

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The edible paints make the cookies extra fun to decorate. Each paint palette is a slip of paper with food-dye created paints to express your creativity while designing your cookies. Just dip the brushes into the “paints” and fill in the colors of your choices, make new patterns, and just have fun.

Courtesy of Amazon

Wouldn’t they be a great idea for just before Easter dinner? If you need an activity to keep the kids busy while you’re prepping dinner, they could decorate dessert for you!

These adorable cookie kits are currently available at Costco, for just $10! At a little over $1 per cookie, not to mention plenty of fun, it’s a yummy way to have a good time with your kids.

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