Do you have any special birthday traditions for your kids?

We always love planning special food for our kids–breakfast pancakes, choices of their favorite dinners, and of course, birthday cake!

Costco now has a cool new birthday treat, which could even be a part of a fun birthday breakfast or snack–the Safe + Fair Birthday Cake Granola!

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Each bag of granola is filled with a regular granola blend of oats and brown rice, but it also has natural color sprinkles to make it just that much more fun.

Whether you add it to yogurt or just eat it right out the bag, it’s a great idea for a birthday snack.

While you might not be wanting your kids to have cake for breakfast, this could be a great way to celebrate a bit extra at 7am.

Even better, the Safe + Fair Birthday Cake Granola is nut free, gluten free, and vegan!

This vanilla flavored granola is available in 24 oz bags at Costco, for just $8.49.

You can find it with the other granola and cereal products at your local Costco.

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