Looking for fun activities? Love detective activities and secret codes? Today we have 12 mystery activities for kids that are so much fun! Keep reading for some great ideas for your little detectives.

Image shows a compilation of mystery activities for kids.
We’ve got so many fun mystery activities for you!

Fun Mystery Games For The Whole Family

Children love solving a good mystery! Whether it’s mystery books, mystery stories, detective play games, or escape rooms, they all are a great way to develop deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as cooperation and communication skills.

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That’s why today we have these mystery activity ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages, from young children to middle school students; you’ll love how fun and easy to set up. They are perfect for a rainy day or mystery unit lesson plans at school.

So, if you are ready to play some fun detective games and solve secret messages, continue reading!

1. Early Learning: Mystery Box

Image shows a collage of a  mystery box. Idea from Kids activities blog
This is a really easy activity!

Make a mystery box to help your kiddo focus on their sense of touch and learn about the world around them. Just put a mystery item in any kind of box and invite your child to guess what the object is using only their hands. It’s the perfect game for a birthday party or fun class activity!

2. Invisible Ink Recipes for Kids | Classroom Detective Activities

Image shows a kids' hand holding a invisible ink pen. Idea from Enjoy Teaching
Grab a piece of paper and an invisible ink pen!

Add invisible ink to your mystery or detective unit. Kids love it! Here are 4 recipes that are fun, easy and will make kids feel like real detectives. From Enjoy Teaching.

3. Fingerprinting Activities for Kids – Detective Work & Art Projects

Image shows a set of printable fingerprinting activities. From Enjoy-Teaching
Kids will absolutely adore these detective activities.

Fingerprinting activities bring fun to the classroom or home! Recording their own prints, analyzing others, and even some creative art projects will keep your kids smiling. From Enjoy-Teaching.

4. Mystery Bag STEM Design Challenge with Free Printable Challenge Cards

Image shows a mystery bag with the text "Mystery bag esign challenge" on it. Idea from Buggy and Buddy
Ohhh, what could be inside this mystery bag?

Take part in a super fun STEM activity using recyclables and other basic materials. Kids will receive a bag of mystery items and then use those materials to complete a design challenge. From Buggy and Buddy.

5. 10 Thrilling Mystery & Detective Games for Kids

Image shows a riddle on a piece of paper and baking soda. Idea from Happy Mom Hacks
So many activities for older students!

Help your kids become the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew with these fun mystery and detective games for kids. They’ll be so excited to use their detective skills to solve the different challenges in each thrilling detective mystery game. From Happy Mom Hacks.

6. Detective Activities for Kids

Image shows a notebook and a magnifyer. From All ESL
Ohh, let’s solve some mysteries!

Try this mystery story activity and unlock the mystery of mystery writing. For this wonderful activity, you’ll need classic mysteries, a notebook, and pens. That’s literally it! From How Stuff Works.

7. Einstein’s Riddle: Detective-Style Logic Activity

mystery games for kids - printable einstein mystery puzzle kids can solve shown in printed pdf on a dark blue table
Let’s Solve Einstein’s Mystery!

Einstein’s riddle is a challenging detective-style activity where students have to use logic to solve the nationality, pet, drink, color, and hobby of each homeowner. It’s one of the best logic puzzles for kids and adults alike. Get the printable and see who can solve it first! From All ESL.

8. Detective Clues: Solve the Mystery in the Puzzle Worksheet

Image shows a printable with a mystery game. Idea from All ESL.
A puzzle for the entire family!

This detective clues activity takes a bit of preparation beforehand to make it a success, but once it’s ready, students will have so much fun solving a series of clues. From All ESL.

9. What’s in the Box? Guessing Game Free Worksheet

Image shows a What's in the box printable puzzle. Idea from All ESL.
Here’s a fun game for the class!

This game is so simple but also so much fun: simply bring a box to the class with a mysterious object inside. Students cant ask yes or no questions until they figure out what’s inside. The student who can figure out what’s the object wins a prize! From All ESL.

10. Famous Landmarks Quiz: Monuments Around the World

Image shows a famous landmarks quiz printable. Idea from All ESL.
Do you know the answers to this quiz?

We love activities where kids can have fun and learn at the same time! After this activity, can you recognize the monument and country outline? From All ESL.

11. Spot the Differences in the Scenes

Image shows a spot the difference printable game Idea from All ESL.
This game is suitable for little kids too.

Such a simple yet entertaining game! Two pictures look identical, but they’re not. Can you spot the differences? From All ESL.

12. Detective Science: Fingerprinting

Image shows a kid playing a detective science fingerprint game. From Frugal Fun 4 Boys
Find the real culprit with fingerprinting science!

Use a pencil and some clear tape to make fingerprints! This is such a fun detective science activity because the fingerprints come out so clear and detailed. From Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

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