Magical Free Harry Potter Stencils (unofficial)

These free Harry Potter stencils are perfect for your Harry Potter super fan! Is your kid obsessed with Harry Potter? Do they like magic? Then these stencils are perfect for them!

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter is one of the best book sagas that both adults and children can enjoy. In other words, Harry Potter is ageless!

Whether your kid belongs in a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff house, we are sure everyone will enjoy adding a touch of the wizarding world to almost anything you can imagine with these (unofficial!) Harry Potter stencils.

Harry Potter stencil of wand, Harry Potter's initials with lightning bolt and a few sparkles just for fun. Pictured on top of blue and green paper, surrounded by a pencil, crayons, and coloring pencils
It’s time to make some magical art! These (unofficial) Harry Potter stencils can be used

Harry Potter Crafts for Kids

Here at Kids Activities Blog we take crafts very seriously! As seriously as we take Harry Potter.

Benefits of Kids Crafts

Kids crafts are super fun and are great boredom busters, but just look at some of the benefits of crafting and DIY activities:

  • They help small children develop fine motor skills
  • They help children focus on specific activities
  • Children learn how to follow instructions
  • Kids can improve their vocabulary and understanding of language
  • They develop patience and enhance problem skills
  • And my favorite one… kids get to use their creativity!

Hands On Learning Through Harry Potter Inspired Play

So instead of watching the same old TV shows, why not try a Harry Potter DIY project? You can use these stencils to create Harry Potter art pretty much anywhere you can think of. Isn’t that awesome? I’m going to shrink them down and use them for a cinnamon sprinkle stencil on my latte!

If you have a baby on the way or your little ones love Harry Potter, you’ll love this Harry Potter nursery! This woman brings life to the walls in a very creative way. It’s almost magical!

Harry Potter stencil pattern of Harry Potter glasses and lighting bolt scar, sitting on a table surrounded by art and craft supplies like coloring pencils, pastels, scrap paper with paint brush strokes in many bright colors, and little jars of paint.
Another way to use this Harry Potter stencil is just its parts – the

Printable Harry Potter Stencils

These printable free Harry Potter stencils can be used anywhere, from pumpkin carving to birthday cards and even clothes! You can shrink them down using your printer settings and use them for cupcake topper sprinkle stencils!

These Harry Potter stencils feature four (still unofficial) Harry Potter inspired designs.

How to Download & Print Free Stencil Templates

To use them, all the material you will need need is:

  • paper
  • card stock paper
  • glue & scissors
  • sponge brush
  • paint, fabric paint, crayons, colored pencils
  • whatever material you want to use these patterns on!

Start by printing and cutting out your Hogwarts stencil. I printed my pattern on plain printer paper, so I had to cut the pattern out of the paper, and then trace and cut it out of the card stock.

Stencil Use Tip to Avoid Stencil Pattern Smear

Personally I like to test the paint or ink I’m using for the stencil on paper before applying it to an object like a tshirt. I definitely don’t want any drips or smears on a new tshirt design!

How to Use Harry Potter Stencil Patterns

The great thing about printables is that you can always make new stencils when you need them – like if they get soggy from paint. If you want to make these Harry Potter DIY stencils last longer, try using card stock for your stencil. They are easy to wipe off and save for next time when sealed with a laminator if you have access to one. Reusable and easy to clean? Perfect!

And that’s it! You’re ready to use these stencils wherever you think needs a little bit more magic. Here are some ideas:

  • old shirts & jeans
  • paper
  • pumpkin
  • happy birthday cards
  • paper plates

& so much more!

Harry Potter stencil of Hogwarts train nine and three quarters sign
This is the perfect stencil for the door to a Harry Potter themed bedroom!

Download here: (Unofficial) 

Want more magic? We have tons of Harry Potter activities for you:

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