We have a set of free unofficial Harry Potter stencils you can download and print to use for crafts or pumpkin carving. Bring the HP magic to your next project using these free stencils or use as a Harry Potter pumpkin carving template. Kids of all ages can get in on the fun with these stencil print outs.

Harry Potter stencil of wand, Harry Potter's initials with lightning bolt and a few sparkles just for fun. Pictured on top of blue and green paper, surrounded by a pencil, crayons, and coloring pencils
Let’s make a jack o lantern with Harry Potter pumpkin stencils.

Free Harry Potter Stencils

Whether your kid belongs in a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff house, we are sure everyone will enjoy adding a touch of the wizarding world to almost anything you can imagine with these (unofficial!) Harry Potter stencils.

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Grab your set of four printable Harry Potter pumpkin stencil designs by clicking the button:

Printable Harry POtter Pumpkin Stencil Set Includes

1. Harry Potter Stencil Design #1: HP Logo with Magic Wand

Harry Potter stencil pattern of Harry Potter glasses and lighting bolt scar, sitting on a table surrounded by art and craft supplies like coloring pencils, pastels, scrap paper with paint brush strokes in many bright colors, and little jars of paint.
Another way to use this Harry Potter stencil is just its parts – the

See in the image above, the magical HP with iconic lightening bolt and magic wand. The pdf file stencil is sized to print on a standard paper which could be just the right size for carving your pumpkin without zooming in or out.

2. Harry Potter Stencil Design #2: Harry’s Glasses

Harry Potter stencil of Hogwarts train nine and three quarters sign
This is the perfect stencil for the door to a Harry Potter themed bedroom!

This is my favorite free stencils printable that features Harry Potter glasses with a lightening bolt above. What a cute addition to a notebook cover, blown up for a large art piece or the cutest Halloween pumpkin ever.

3. Harry Potter Stencil Design #3: Hogwarts Train Platform 9 3/4 Template

Harry Potter stencil The Golden Snitch 
 Third  Ball Quidditch printed pdf shown of stencil with two large golden snitch balls flying in the air
Quidditch anyone?

All aboard the magical platform at King’s Cross Station in London! This unique HP stencil can transform anything into something with magical results.

4. Harry Potter Stencil Design #4: Quidditch’s The Golden Snitch

In this pumpkin stencil Harry Potter design, you will find two third balls used in Quidditch. The Snitch flies high and fast and will bring some golden fun to your next pumpkin or craft project.

Download & Print Harry Potter Stencil PDF Files Here

These printable free Harry Potter stencils can be used anywhere, from pumpkin carving to birthday cards and even clothes! You can shrink them down using your printer settings and use them for cupcake topper sprinkle stencils!

  • paper
  • card stock paper
  • glue & scissors
  • sponge brush
  • paint, fabric paint, crayons, colored pencils
  • whatever material you want to use these patterns on

Step #1 Download & Print

Start by printing and cutting out your Hogwarts stencil. I printed my pattern on plain printer paper, so I had to cut the pattern out of the paper, and then trace and cut it out of the card stock.

Stencil Use Tip to Avoid Stencil Pattern Smear

Personally I like to test the paint or ink I’m using for the stencil on paper before applying it to an object like a t-shirt. I definitely don’t want any drips or smears on a new t-shirt design!

Get Creative with Harry Potter Stencil Patterns

The great thing about printables is that you can always make new stencils when you need them – like if they get soggy from paint. If you want to make these Harry Potter DIY stencils last longer, try using card stock for your stencil.

  • old shirts & jeans
  • paper
  • pumpkin
  • happy birthday cards
  • paper plates

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Psst… We have a free printable ruler, easy to print when you cannot find your own!

How did you use your Harry Potter stencils? Did you use them as Harry Potter pumpkin stencils?

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