With summer officially here, kids are spending more time outdoors than ever. While my kids love their outdoor playhouse and mud garden, they would absolutely love to have something even more exciting and adventurous: like this Backyard Zipline from Hearthsong.

It’s a thrill ride for the backyard, and it’s perfect for younger and older kids alike.

Your kids will love the thrill of a backyard zipline. Source: Target

More info about the Hearthsong Zipline

This zipline is perfect for big backyards, as it can be setup for a max of 80 feet long! The entire kit comes with absolutely everything adults need to easily set it up safely and securely.

To set it up, be sure you have two trees that are no more than 80 feet apart. You’ll also want to set it up so that there’s about a 8-10% slope. Those are the only requirements for your backyard!

Source: HearthSong

Setup is easy peasy with easy-to-follow assembly directions. They walk you through how to install the tree protectors, how to assemble the hanging hardware, as well as how to run the steel cable between the trees. While the kit includes most everything, you’ll also need a step ladder, hand pliers, and adjustable wrenches.

One of my favorite features of this particular zipline? An adjustable seat can be added on to the ride! So, even though HearthSong recommends this zipline for kids age eight and up, younger kids can still safely use it (with parental supervision) thanks to the seat. For older kids — or kids who want even more of a thrill — simply remove the seat.

The instructions also walk you through some safety measures, including doing a stress test before the kids can hop on.

Once it’s all set up, your kids will love to feel like they’re flying through the backyard! Just don’t forget their helmet.

The Hearthsong Backyard Zipline is available for $143.99 from Target.

Source: HearthSong


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