I really want to have a garden this year, but our yard needs a lot of work before a garden would take root. But when I saw these potato grow bags, I knew I had found the perfect solution for garden fresh vegetables without all the yard work!

Grow bag for potatoes or other root vegetables
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How do potato grow bags work? Rather than having to prep your yard, till the soil, and set up a garden, you can set up a vegetable grow bag anywhere there is enough sunlight for growth. The attached handles even allow you to move it around your yard for the optimum location.

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When you are ready to grow vegetables, simply fill the bag with a high quality planting soil and plant the vegetables of your choice. Despite being referred to as “potato grow bags”, these bags are ideal for many summer root vegetables, including carrots, onions, and beets. Due to the depth, they are also useful for tomato plants, peppers, even small flowers for decoration.

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Potato grow bags typically come with a roll up window in the front to allow a gardener to observe growth and roots, as well as ventilation and water drainage holes to ensure the soil stays healthy.  I’m so excited to see what we are able to grow this year.

Child with watering can and garden on a patio

Vegetable grow bags are perfect for patios and smaller yards that don’t have space for a garden or for those who only want to grow a few items without spending all the work of growing a whole garden. They will last for several seasons before needing to be replaced and are made from a biodegradable fabric for when they are no longer usable.

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You can order your own potato grow bags in a variety of sizes or colors on Amazon.  I’m trying this 4-pack of 10 gallon vegetable grow bags to start a few vegetables on my patio next week!

Toddler with watering can working on the garden


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