Family gardening is a fun way for the whole family to get outside and enjoy a hobby together.  There are many different types of gardening to choose from.  Maybe plant some vegetables to harvest or plant your favorite fragrant flower. No matter what you decide to plant, get out, get dirty and have fun. Your kids will be so excited when the first bud begins to bloom and they see the fruits of their labor. Family Gardening

15 Fun Family Gardening Projects

1.  We love gardening with our family!  Check out our moon garden. 2.  Incorporate math with your gardening  and they’ll never know they’re learning.  How many seeds do we need?  How many pounds of dirt do we need?  This post has lots of good ideas for learning math while you garden. 3.  A fairy garden is such a fun activity for kids.  Upcycle some things from around the house to create a lovely little pretend garden for fairies to visit. 4.   Use a plastic container to plant a garden that can go anywhere! Perfect for homes without a large yard for gardening. 5.  Make a potted garden as a gift.  Let your child paint the flower pots then add baggies full of rocks, seeds and dirt. 6.  Dig into reading  with these fun family gardening ideas based on children’s books.  Some ideas are The Curious Garden and Are You A Snail? 7.  If an outdoor garden doesn’t suit you, try staying indoors and making a  mushroom garden.   This one is fun and tasty. 8. Using paint stirrers, make your own rainbow colored garden markers for a fun family craft. 9.   Give your kids their very own garden! Section off a tiny space in your yard with tiny pickets and help them plant a few of their favorite flowers. Let them take the responsibility to water them everyday! 10. Here is another fun  fairy garden  idea to try.  Plant grass and flowers and even add a fairy swimming pool. Related: How to Grow Bean Plants from Dried Store-Bought Beans

7 Fun Family Gardening Projects

11.   These adorable garden markers are a fun project for kids to make with alphabet letter beads and wire. 12.   Make a simple indoor bulb garden and watch your favorite spring flowers grow. 13.   Add these simple Cheerio bird feeders to your garden to attract birds! 14.   Paint rocks bright colors and label them for a cute way to mark the plants in your garden. 15. The Kokedama hanging garden is a fun family activity and is super easy to take care for.

More Gardening Fun!

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  1. Thank so much for featuring our fairy house! My kids check their little houses all the time! 🙂 We actually did have a visitor to the bug one my son made…