You Can Grow Plants from These Biodegradable Pencils and I Want Them

Is it a pencil? Or is it a seed? Actually, Sprout pencils are both! This concept from a Danish-start up company is such an awesome and creative way to teach kids about seeds and gardening.  

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Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils with Seeds are made with eco-friendly and non-toxic wood. That means, once your kids finish using the pencils, or they’re too short to write with, they can plant them and they’ll grow into plants. Seriously. 

So how do Sprout pencils work exactly? Sprout designed the pencils to include a biodegradable seed capsule. The pencils are made with 100% natural clay and graphite core, as well as wood from fully-sustainable forests. There is absolutely no lead in this pencil, so they’re totally safe to plant. 

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As for the seed capsule, that’s located at the end of the pencil where the eraser would normally be. What’s inside that capsule? Well, that’s a surprise, but they promise the seed variety is “coveted.”

Some Sprout pencils may include basil seeds, while others may contain sunflower seeds. Each seed will be a surprise, which is probably why Sprout recommends planting the used pencil in a pot with a drainage hole (rather than directly in the ground or garden bed). 

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Simply plant the stub of the pencil upside down and at a slight angle in the potting soil. Don’t go too deep; they recommend having the dirt just cover the seed capsule. Then water the Sprout pencil regularly so the soil stays moist. Like other plants, make sure it gets natural sunlight, but not too much direct sunlight.

Source: Amazon

Over time the pencil will turn into a plant. See what I mean? These pencils are totally awesome! It’s also a great lesson in sustainability. Sprout pencils can teach kids to think outside the box and learn about reusing items. It’s innovative, it’s educational, and it’s a ton of fun. 

They also make great gifts — including ones for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils with Seeds come in an 8-pack of pencils, and they are available for $14.95 on Amazon. 


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