Wondering what to do with finished coloring pages? Whether they’re adult coloring pages or coloring pages your kids colored for you, you don’t want to get rid of them. They’re special. So what do you do with finished coloring pages? We got you! We have 25 simple ways to use coloring pages as decorations, activities, and more!

what to do with finished coloring pages- crafts like decorations, games, fortune cookies, coasters- text: 35 simple ways to use finished coloring pages- kids activities blog
Using finished coloring pages to make kids’ projects is another great way to recycle!

What To Do With Finished Coloring Pages

Coloring pages or adult coloring books are always great for entertainment and perfect activity as a stress reliever. But have you ever wondered what to do with finished coloring pages?  You spent so much time on the piece of art — don’t throw it away! And it can be a nightmare to store kids art. Let’s make something fun with your coloring sheets instead!

Here is a list of various things to do with finished coloring pages, as well as crafts with blank coloring pages. You can also use coloring pages as a template to create beautiful pieces of art for your home. There are so many fun things to do!

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Kid-Friendly Things To Do With Finished Coloring Pages

1. Turn Coloring Pages Into Jewelry

Make beautiful jewelry. Persia Lou made cute wooden bangle bracelets using adult coloring pages. These would make a fun DIY gift, too!

2. Make A Coloring Page Sorting Game

Create a color sorting game. We used Baby Shark coloring pages to create a fun learning game that our kids go crazy for.

3. Coloring Page Paper Garland

Make a paper garland to decorate your party space. via Omiyage Blogs

4. Magnets Made From Coloring Sheets

Make magnets to decorate the fridge. Use mini canvas to make fridge magnets to hold important papers. via Average But Inspired

5. Fortune Cookies Made From Coloring Sheets

Create paper fortune cookies for the next time you want to make treats for your kids’ class friends. via Burlap and Blue

6. DIY Coloring Page Coasters

Save your tables with DIY coasters. Garden Therapy‘s tutorial also works with hot dishes.

7. Coloring Sheet Solar System Model

Build a solar system model. Cultivate an interest in space by coloring the planets, then displaying them in a cool way!

what to do with finished coloring pages- Text: 35 creative ways to use coloring pages- coasters, gift bags, clocks, bows, mandalas, lamps, plates- kids activities blog
You can use finished coloring pages to create unique and beautiful items for your home. 

Simple Things To Do With Coloring Pages

8. Coloring Sheet DIY Envelopes

Make an envelope out of a coloring page! Ann Makes shows how she made copies of her colored page to make a strong envelope for storing her papers, or you can use an envelope you already have as a template to make a simple envelope for greeting cards.

9. DIY Coloring Sheet Envelope Liners

Make envelope liners. Embellish an existing envelope with a burst of color by adding completed coloring sheets. Budget Savvy Bride shows how to make them using wrapping paper.

10. Decorate Plain Gift Bags With Coloring Pages

Decorate plain gift bags. Make gift bags for small gifts like these featured from Cindy deRosier or use pieces of your coloring pages to embellish a plain gift bag like this idea from 100 Directions.

what to do with finished coloring pages- Text: 35 things to do with coloring pages- pen holder, marbles, wall decor, envelopes, wrapping paper- kids activities blog
Use finished coloring pages or kids artwork to decorate gifts!

11. Coloring Sheet Gift Box

Make a gift box. Emma from Gathering Beauty shows how you can make a tiny gift box using one sheet of paper. Glue a piece of cardstock to the back of your coloring page to make it thick enough to build a gift box using her tutorial. Try a colored sheet of cardstock to really make it pop!

12. Coloring Page Paper Bows

Embellish your gifts with a paper bow. Out of ribbon? Nope. Take a coloring page to make your own gift bow! via Frog Prince Paperie

13. Faux Stained Glass Made With Coloring Pages

Create faux stained glass. This trick to create a faux stained glass effect on colored paper from Cindy at My Creative Life blew my mind.

14. Coloring Page Bookmarks

Turn coloring pages into bookmarks! Cut them into bookmarks and add tassels. If you feel the paper is too thin, glue cardstock to the back of your coloring sheets or laminate them before adding tassels. via Chica Circle

what to do with finished coloring pages- coloring a mandala page Text: 35 different ways to use finished coloring pages- kids activities blog
Finished coloring pages are perfect to make beautiful bookmarks.

15. DIY Phone Case Using Coloring Sheets

Design your own phone case. Trace the outline of your phone case onto a coloring page and cut it out. Use Mod Podge to adhere it to the outside of your phone case. This idea was inspired by Menucha from Moms & Crafters, who decorated her phone case with scrapbook paper.

16. Magnets Featuring Coloring Art

Make magnets. Use bottle caps to create magnets featuring art. These glass magnets would look super cool on your refrigerator if you use coloring pages. via Stampinfool

17. Framed Coloring Page Décor

Hang coloring pages on your wall! Put them in a frame to display. Or Mod Podge them on to a wood plaque like Running With a Glue Gun and add your new art to a gallery wall.

18. Coloring Page Seed Packets

Make seed packets! These homemade seed packets are cute favors to add to your Easter basket or Mother’s Day gift. via Almost Makes Perfect

19. Coloring Sheet Organizer

Organize odds and ends. Wrap your empty coffee can container to make it a useful holder for your supplies like Hello Little Home.

what to do with finished coloring pages- clock, plate, cupcake holder, chandelier- text: 4 ways to use Mandala coloring page- kids activities blog
4 ways to use finished Mandala coloring pages

What To Do With My Finished Mandala Coloring Pages?

20. DIY Clock Using Mandala Coloring Pages

Build a DIY clock. Suzi Q Creations shows how you can transform a boring clock into a beautiful Mandala clock using coloring pages.

21. Mandala Coloring Page Plate

Make a Mandala plate. Cut out the mandala design with its outline and mod podge it to the back of the glass plate for a cool display plate. via Hometalk

22. Mandala Candle Holder

Decorate a candle holder. Spruce up the boring top of a candle holder with an intricate mandala design. via Favecrafts

23. Mandala Chandelier

Make paper accents for your house. P.S. I love you crafts uses a lot of Mandala coloring pages to create a one-of-a-kind chandelier.

what to do with finished coloring pages- tote bag, sign, table, storage, bible, frames- Text: 25 coloring crafts for adults using coloring pages- kids activities blog
Home decor items like furniture makeovers, Wood sign plaque, decorative tray & more can use coloring pages.

Coloring Crafts for Adults

24. Coloring Page Tote Bag

Transform a plain tote bag. Go from drab to colorful with this fun tutorial from Hometalk.

25. Decorate Tiles With Coloring Sheets

Decorate tiles with coloring pages. Then use them to make a decorative tray, just like Amy from Mod Podge Rocks.

26. Picture Frame Made From Coloring Sheet Decorated Tiles

Or turn the tiles into a picture frame. Tiles decorated with coloring pages can spruce up a plain frame. via Favecrafts

27. Coloring Page Bible Journaling

Try Bible journaling. Southern Couture‘s idea to use coloring pages to mark her scriptures is so creative.

28. Personalized Wooden Sign Made With Coloring Pages

Make a personalized wooden sign. I need to make one of these signs for my kid’s room. via Mod Podge Rocks

29. Coloring Page Decorated IKEA Table

Hack an Ikea table. Mark Montano uses copies of coloring pages in this clever tutorial.

30. Custom Furniture Decorated With Coloring Sheets

Make custom furniture. This idea from Plaid makes me want to get more beautiful adult coloring books.

what to do with finished coloring pages- mandala bags, magnets, lamp shade, and plates- text: use coloring pages as template- kids activities blog
Use blank coloring pages as a template to make craft projects!

What To Do With Coloring Pages

31. Best Adult Coloring Books For Crafts

When you are finished with the best adult coloring books, use those pages as templates to make these wonderful crafts.

32. DIY Cupcake Stand Decorated With Coloring Sheets

Make a DIY cupcake stand to display cupcakes for your next party. via Walnut Hollow

33. Decorated Your Walls With Quote Coloring Sheets

Decorate your walls with your favorite quotes. This idea from Pet Scribbles is super unique.

34. Zentangle Coloring Page Flameless Candles

Customize flameless candles. Pick up a bunch in a sale? Use our zentangle coloring pages to spruce them up with this hack from Suzi Q Creations.

35. Custom Printed Muslin Bags

Make a gift for your girlfriends. These custom printed muslin bags from Heart & Vine are so fun.

36. Coloring Page Decorated Lamp Shade

Beautify a plain lamp shade. This trick using adult coloring pages from Hometalk is seriously cool.

37. Coloring Page Party Favors

Make party favors! Use coloring pages of your child’s favorite characters to create unique gifts for party guests. via Cutesy crafts

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Our Favorite Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults:

We can’t wait to see the creative projects you and your kids make using finished coloring pages!

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