Being a parent can be overly stressful. While there are many ways to unwind and enjoy some quiet, there is a new trend: Adult Coloring! But before you head to the dollar store to pick up a  My Little Pony coloring book, you will want to check out this collection of 21  Totally Awesome Adult Coloring Books.

Why? Because they are made just for adults! It’s a great way to get in touch with your inner creativeness. It has even been said that coloring is a huge stress reliever and is actually used as a relaxation technique. Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

21 totally awesome adult coloring books

21 Totally Awesome Adult Coloring Books

If you like henna-style, mandalas, and flowers this adult coloring book is for you!

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies but it can be butterflies and flowers!

Animals can be totally adorable or totally cool. Either way you need this animal coloring book.

Sometimes you just want a really cool pattern to color and that is exactly what this coloring book is meant coloring books1

With spring on it’s way, we totally understand if you are digging this secret garden coloring book  because we are too!

These beautifully designed mandalas are sure to put anyone in a good mood.

For the person who loves cats, comes the cat coloring book.

Sugar Skulls are certainly in and so this is  Dia de los Muertos coloring book.

We all like to dream and you can daydream while you color this dream catcher coloring book.

Live your faith colorfully with this scripture coloring book.

Feeling craft and wizardry? This Harry Potter coloring book was made just for you!adult coloring books3

All I am going to say is this owl coloring book is a real HOOT!

Get lost coloring while you are in the ocean with this book.

Because sometimes our days are so bad we just need to color out swear words.

Woof, Woof is language for get  this dog coloring book if you are a dog person.

Explore the world of henna art with this gorgeous book.

adult coloring book2You can color your heritage in this celtic coloring book.

Itching for Christmas already? Don’t worry we have you covered with this Christmas Tree coloring book.

We dare you to color these dragons!

This coloring books allows you to be wild and free.

Show off your American pride with this american landmarks and monuments book.

Think of how beautiful and colorful these aquatic animals will be once you are finished.

While you are at it, don’t forget to snag some adult colored pencils too!

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