Spelling can be a difficult thing for kids to learn.  Letter recognition, writing, the sounds each letter makes and putting it all together can be daunting.  It’s important to try make spelling and other learning  activities  fun and easy. Here, Playdough to Plato, shares some ways to help your child understand spelling in a fun way.  Be sure to read her interview from this morning.

Learn to Spell

11 Spelling Fun Ideas for Kids

1.  Alphabet Stamping – Using alphabet stamps and a free printable, have your child match the letters by stamping them. 2.  ABC Cup Hunt  – Hide a pom-pom under a cup labeled with a letter and have your child guess which letter it is hiding in. 3.  Alphabet Treasure Hunt – Now that the weather is getting nice, take the kids outside and let them dig in the sandbox for letters.  Identify which ones they find as they go. 4.  Alphabet Tracing Cards – Here is a great printable to laminate and let your kids practice tracing letters with a dry-erase marker. 5.  Teach your child to spell their name – This is a list of 5 fun ways to help kids learn how to spell their name like building it with blocks or singing a song. 6.  Sight Word Pancakes  – Make a pretend breakfast with letters written on  construction  paper and ask the little ones to shout out the letter they see when you flip it. 7.  Sight Word Drag Racing – Tape words to matchbox cars and race them.  Have your child fill out a bracket of the words until you have a winner. 8.  The Labeling Game – Ask your child to name items in the kitchen and each time they do, write it down on an index card and ask them to tape it on. 9.  Super Simple Word Slider – Write a word on an index card and fold some construction paper into an envelope.  Place the word inside and slide it out letter by letter for your child to sound it out. 10.  Words I Can Read Scavenger Hunt – Send your child around the house to find words they can read.  Look at magazines,  shoe-boxes   items in the pantry etc. 11.  The Pre-Writing Activity Packet – When you are ready to teach your child how to write, use these hands on games to strengthen fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Thank you Playdough to Plato for these fun spelling activities.

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