This kids golf cart is super cute! And the best part is, this kids golf cart actually let’s your little ones drive around. Whether you’re golfing with your kids or playing in the yard, this kids golf car is a must have! There are so many cool ride on toys, but this realistic kids golf cart definitely takes the cake! It also comes with a full golfing set too!

Kids Golf Car- little girl standing by golf cart with stickers and full golf set on herback on white background- kids activities blog
This kids golf cart makes a great gift for younger kids!- Source: Walmart

Kids Golf Cart

Whether your kiddo knows how to golf or not, they’ll have a blast with a kid-sized golf cart.

But what if they don’t know how to golf (yet)? The cart comes with everything a kid needs to play a round of golf in their backyard, including a golf bag, tees, golf balls, and plastic clubs. In other words, they can learn how to play and have a blast!

This Kid Motorz Junior Pro Golf Cart is the latest in a series of super fun ride-along vehicles for kids, like the Baby Shark ATV and John Deere Ground Loader.

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Kids Golf Cart Features

Kids Golf Car- golf cart with stickers and full golf set on the back on white background- kids activities blog
It even comes with a full golf set! -Source: Walmart

As for the Junior Pro Golf Cart itself, it’s super adorable with its canopy, which protects kids from the sun. The cart performs best over smoother surfaces.

As for speed, kids can’t go too fast, as it maxes out at 2.5 miles per hour. (And let’s be honest; I’m a-okay with that speed, especially for my three year old). In addition to one speed, the cart can also be put into reverse so kids don’t get the cart stuck anywhere!

Other fun features kids are sure to love: the working horn as well as a reverse warning buzzer.

The kid-sized golf cart is powered by a rechargeable six-volt battery, which means your little golfers can get at some good driving time before the cart needs to recharged.

Kids Golf Cart Dimensions and SpeCs

Kids Golf Cart- List of specs, perks, and dimensions with check marks
Courtesy of: Amazon- This golf cart has it all!

This kids golf cart stands to 39 inches, is 39 inches long, and 22 inches wide. Perfect for toddlers and younger kids! The maximum weight capacity is 66lbs.

Beyond it’s size though, these tires for this kids golf cart are actually designed for stability and safety. Also, there are plenty of awesome stickers that help enhance the golf carts “authenticity.”

It has a 60 minute battery life and a pedal mode and was created for easy handling. Perfect for kids of all ages. What else does this kids golf cart have? It also has awesome sound effects on the steering wheel!

Is This Kids Golf Cart Easy To Drive?

Kids Golf Car- up close inside the golf cart with steering wheel, buttons, and pedals- kids activities blog
It was created to handle with ease which is great for smaller kids- Source: Walmart

Yes! As mentioned above the kids golf cart was created for easy handling and stability. Not to mention the wheels have a special design that allows for better grip. And it isn’t too complicated. There is a:

  • Foot Pedal
  • Steering Wheel
  • On/Off Switch
  • Reverse Gear

Where To Buy Your Own Junior Pro Golf Cart

The Kid Motorz Junior Prof Golf Cart 6-Volt Ride-On is available at Amazon for $229.00

Kids Golf Car- golf cart with stickers and full golf set on the back on white background- kids activities blog
Source: Walmart

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What do you think about this kids golf cart? Is it cool?

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