Target Is Selling A Giant Inflatable Easel For Your Kids to Paint on Outside

Summer is around the corner and if you’re looking for something to keep the kiddos busy, this is it!

Get the kids away from the screens and get them being creative outdoors with this giant inflatable easel.

Target is selling this inflatable rainbow easel and it’s perfect for letting kids paint and be messy outside.

Give free rein to your little one’s creativity with this Backyard Play Rainbow Art Easel from Sun Squad™. This giant rainbow art easel provides the perfect surface for your kiddo to make art out in nature, while the inflatable design deflates for easy, compact storage. Simply hose paint off the washable surface when your youngsters are finished with their many new creations.

At just $30, this might just be one of the funnest things you purchase for your kids for summer!

You can grab the Backyard Play Rainbow Art Easel on the Target website here.

Missing the waterpark? Bring it home!

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