Your Kids Can Play Hide and Seek with Twinkling, Battery-Operated Fireflies

This might just be the cutest thing ever!!

I was browsing ideas online for this to get to entertain my kids for summer and I came across this adorable Chasing Fireflies Kids Game.

This game allows your kids to play hide and seek with twinkling, battery-operated fireflies. Cute, right?!

Each set comes with 1 green jar with 5 green fireflies, 1 blue jar with 5 blue fireflies, 30 AG3 batteries and a set of instructions.

Simply turn on the adorable lightning bugs and hide them around your yard at night.

The kids will have a blast playing hide and seek to find these twinkling fireflies! It is the perfect night game if you ask me!

You can get this Chasing Fireflies Game on Amazon for just under $30 here.

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