In the age of CGI, it’s easy to forget that there are artists out there who can create masterpieces using nothing more than their own hands and ingenuity.

video of puppet that moves incredibly and you forget it is a puppet - Kids Activities Blog
Puppets can be elevated to an art form…

Artistic  Puppet will Mesmerize You Video

Barnaby Dixon is one of those artists.

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Crafting his puppets out of paint, plastics, and other composite materials, Barnaby creates characters who will not only blow your mind, but make you forget that you’re looking at a puppet.

His newest, a bug/man is no only incredibly adorable, but also has a personality that shines through as Barnaby describes him to the world…

puppets performing on stage (screenshot)
Glow in the dark puppets moving…

With fingers that can actually pick things up, and cute little antennas that wobble has he moves around, this creature takes you completely away from the man describing him, to the point that you almost forget there’s a man behind the hand…

puppet show screenshot
How does he do that?

This isn’t the first of Barnaby’s creations to captivate the world, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Take a look!


Are you inspired to make a puppet theater now?  I am!

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