Every night we read our boys  a good bed time story. Of course, we always try to make it really fun and this week we had help from these Minion Finger Puppets!

Reading truly encourages imagination and when they have a pal that can help tell that story it is even BETTER. While your child can certainly snuggle with their favorite stuffed animal and enjoy a good book, the Minion Finger Puppets are something fun they can make themselves (with a little adult assistance) and use.

We all know how much kids love using something they made themselves!

So what are you waiting for? See how to make this easy and fun craft with your children. The instructions are below!

Minion Finger Puppets

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What you will need to make Minion Finger Puppets:

Just a note of caution from one of our readers and a good tip: These are a choking hazard. One that a parent can’t fix in the moment. Better to keep the minions in glove form if they are going to be around small children.

minion finger puppets supplies

How to Make Minion Finger Puppets: 

  1. Remove a glove from the package and place onto your hand to get an idea for where you need to place the minion faces.
  2. Cut off small pieces of the black electrical tape and apply across each finger.
  3. Hot glue googly eyes onto each finger on top of where you applied the black electrical tape in step 2.
  4. Cut off the tips of the fingers. Leave enough room so you can draw on mouths.
  5. Draw mouths onto each finger tip using your black sharpie marker.
  6. Place the tips back onto your fingers and enjoy your new Minion Finger Puppets!
Minion Finger Puppets Steps

Aren’t these just so cute?

Minion Finger Puppets Facebook

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