Make a Puppet from Your Child’s Art

This simple puppet craft idea is simply genius. Using artwork your child has made in the past or makes for this purpose, you can create a whole cast of puppet characters from their art masterpieces. This puppet arts and crafts project will help kids engage more with the creative process of storytelling at home or in the classroom.

Kids artwork puppet craft - Kids Activities Blog  - dinosaur crayon art cut out and added to a popsicle stick finished puppet craft
Let’s make a puppet out of our artwork!

Puppets Crafted from Children’s Art

I love seeing children’s drawings and spotting how they change as the children get older and start to add in little details such as fingers, freckles and eyelashes.

But what do you do with all your child’s pictures?

This puppet craft idea will bring that artwork to life through the magic of puppetry!

??Supplies Needed

puppet craft

??How to make a puppet from your child’s art

These simple puppets are super easy to make and you can involve your child at every stage.

Step 1

Start by inviting your child to do some drawings or make use of ones you already have. Your child might like to draw members of your family, make some favorite story characters or create some imaginative creatures.

Step 2

Next, cut out your pictures. If your child is able they can have a try with the scissors as you don’t need to worry about being too precise.

Tip: If the artwork was created on flimsy paper or the artwork is large and tends to fold easily, reinforce the art by gluing construction paper or card stock to the back of the art with a glue stick.

Step 3

Finally complete your simple puppets by fastening a lollipop stick or a twig onto the back with some sticky tape and you are ready to play.   If you have extra supplies, here are more lollipop stick puppets you can make.

puppet craft

Finished Art Puppet Ideas for Pretend Play

Puppets are an excellent type of play for developing language skills and for role playing how real-life relationships work.

  • You can play along with your child and make the characters have a conversation together, or leave your child to it and listen in to the stories they make up – like this one about a scary monster. You can often hear then using phrases they’ve picked up in stories you’ve read together.
  • If you have a change coming up, perhaps starting school or moving to a new house, puppet play can be a useful way to test out the new situation with your child and let them explore how they will cope with the changes. We’ve used puppets to help prepare for a doctor’s visit and for a new baby coming along.
  • The sticks on these puppets make them very easy for children to hold and manipulate. You might like to set up a theater behind a sofa or shine a light on the puppets to create animated shadows on the wall.
puppet craft

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How did your kids artwork puppet crafts turn out?


  1. Cathy, these are BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love them.

  2. i think i’ll try this with all my daughters dinosaurs! great idea.

  3. I love this idea. Perfect timing as my eldest is really into both puppet shows and drawing at the moment

  4. Hi Cathy – good to see you over here!
    We used to do this a lot when my elder son was younger, but strangely not at all now, so I had almost forgotten about it. They tended to get a bit battered because my son always wanted to make the puppets fight! In the absence of lolly sticks, I used to tape ours onto the end of a pencil.

  5. Thanks for all the feedback – I’m so glad you like the idea. If you try it with your kids we would love to see some pictures!

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