26 Puppets for Kids

Puppets have been entertaining children and adults alike for literally thousands of years. There are different theories as to when puppetry originated, but everyone seems to agree that it’s been at least 3,000 years that they’ve been in existence! If you’re searching for some fun puppets for kids, we’ve hit the jackpot.

26 Puppets for Kids

Puppets for Kids

There are many different kinds of puppets too. Some puppets are small and fit on a child’s fingers, while others are larger and use the entire hand to animate. You can make them from fabric, socks, paper, felt, sticks and even gloves and mittens. There are 26 different puppets for kids here, and at the end of this collection you will find 26 MORE!

26 Puppets for Kids

Finger Puppets

1. Monster Finger Puppets

Monster Finger Puppets don’t have to be scary. They can be super cute! – Create In The Chaos

2. Cute Bunny Finger Puppets

Bunny Finger Puppets are super cute, silly, and great for imaginative play.- I Heart Crafty Things

3. Silly Shape Finger Puppets

Silly Shape Finger Puppets are fun to make, a fun way to explore, and so silly!- Fun Family Crafts

26 Puppets for Kids

Hand Puppets

4. Oven Mitt Shark Puppet

Oven Mitt Shark Puppet are so chompy, but fun and easy to make.- Dollar Store Crafts

5. Old McDonald Hand Puppets

Old McDonald Hand Puppets had a farm. E I E I O!-Larissa Another Day

6. Bath Time Hand Puppet

Bath Time Hand Puppet is a great way to make bath time fun and silly!- Things for Boys

26 Puppets for Kids

Stick Puppets

7. Clown Stick Puppets

Paint Stick Clown Puppets are great for anyone who loves goofy clowns. – Kids Activities Blog

8. Children’s Art Stick Puppets

Stick Puppets from Children’s Art is a great way to recycle some of your kids old art.- Kids Activities Blog

9. Spider Stick Puppet

Spider Stick Puppets is a fun way to make the Itsy Bitsy Spider come to life…in a less crawly way.- Kids Craft Room

10. Ninja Turtle Stick Puppets

Ninja Turtle Stick Puppet make me wanna shout “cowabunga”!- One Artsy Mama

26 Puppets for Kids

Paper Bag Puppets

11. Classic Paper Bag Puppets

Everyone loves Classic Paper Bag Puppets! – Kids Activities Blog

12. Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

Paper Bag Pirate Puppet are great for imagination play. Arrr walk the plank!- Crafts by Amanda

13. Perry the Platypus Paper Bag Puppet

What do you want to do to day? I want to make a Perry the Platypus Paper Bag Puppet!- Chatting Over Chocolate

14. Paper Bag Lion Puppet

In the jungle the Paper Bag Lion Puppet sleeps! – Meaningful Mama

26 Puppets for Kids

Sock Puppets

15. Cat Sock Puppet

Use an old sock to make a cute Cat Sock Puppet! – Thrive Thru

16. Monster Sock Puppet

Oh my! These Monster Sock Puppet are not so scary after all! – Cincy Shopper

17. Horse Sock Puppet

Have a kid that loves horses? Then try making this Horse Sock Puppet. – Red Ted Art

26 Puppets for Kids

Marionette Puppets

18. Cardboard Tube Dog Marionette

This is perfect for pretend play! Love this Cardboard Tube Dog Marionette! – Red Ted Art

19. Leaf Bird Marionette

Learn about different leaves with this Leaf Bird Marionette! – Red Ted Art

26 Puppets for Kids

Puppet Theaters

20. Full Size Puppet Theater

How cool is this Full Size Puppet Theater? – Skip to My Lou

21. Wild West Puppet Theater

If you love cowboys and cowgirls then you’ll love this Wild West Puppet Theater. – The Country Chic Cottage

22. Doorway Puppet Theater

Save some craft supplies and make a Doorway Puppet Theater! – Skip to My Lou

23. Circus Tent Puppet Theater

Bring out the clowns to star in the center of this Circus Tent Puppet Theater. – Childhood 101

24. Craft Stick Puppet Theater

Craft Stick Puppet Theater is so easy to make! – Crafts by Amanda

25. Medieval Puppet Theater

If you love knights and princesses than this Medieval Puppet Theater is for you.- Fave Crafts

26 Puppets for Kids

Still want to see more?

26. Even More Puppet Ideas

I’ve collected ANOTHER 26 puppet ideas, all different from the ones above. So be sure to click over for 26 MORE kid’s puppets!

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