This Charmander Puppet made from a paper sack, paper and a bit of creativity is the perfect way to keep little hands busy. It’s an adorable Pokemon craft that would even double as a fun Pokemon party craft. While you’re here, if you’re looking for more fun Pokemon crafts check out: Pikachu Hat, Pokemon Grimer SlimePokemon BookmarksPokemon No-Sew CostumeLEGO Charmander Figure and Pokemon Candy Pokeballs

Charmander Puppet

Supplies Needed to Make this Charmander Puppet: How to Make this Charmander Puppet:

Start by sketching the parts of Charmander’s body on the card stock. It is important to keep in mind the size of the parts we will be drawing and cutting out because they need to fit onto the paper bag appropriately. A tip is to either have the bag next to your paper for reference or even lightly trace the bag onto your paper so that you know how big to draw.

Using a pencil draw the head, upper half of the body, and tail on the orange paper. On the yellow draw half of an oval for the tummy and flame for the tail.

On the pink paper draw an oval for the mouth. Make sure that it is to scale compared to the head. On the blue draw the eyes. On the red paper draw a smaller flame. Finally on the white draw four triangle shaped teeth and two small ovals for the light reflection in the eyes.

Once you are done drawing all the parts make sure everything looks to scale and will fit on to the bag correctly.

Now trace over your pencil sketches with a sharpie. This will give your craft a more cartoony look and will be more accurate to the characters. After using the sharpie erase any noticeable pencil marks and cut out all the shapes.

With all the shapes cut out let’s add a few last details with a sharpie by drawing a couple of slits for the nose holes on the head piece and big black ovals for the eye pupils on the blue eye paper.

Now it’s time to glue them to the bag.

Start by gluing the body part to the front of the bag but make sure to attach it under the part of the bag that folds over. Next glue the head piece on the part of the bag that folds over. If done correctly, when the folded part of the bag is opened it looks like Charmander is opening it’s mouth.

Now fold the pink oval in half long ways and glue it inside of the folded part of the bag. Line up the crease on the oval with the crease on the bag. You should now have a mouth in the folded part of the bag.

Time to attach some detail. Start by gluing the small white ovals onto the blue eyes then glue the eyes onto the head. Next glue the teeth onto the pink mouth part. Now glue the yellow half oval onto the body part for the stomach.

The last thing we will do is the tail. Start by gluing the red flame onto the yellow flame. Now glue the flames onto the tip of the tail. Next attach the tail to the back side of the bag and make sure the tail sticks out on the side so that it can be seen from the front.

Now your Charmander puppet should be done!

Just let the glue dry and it’s ready to be played with. Stick you arm inside the bag and curl you fingers into the folded part of the bag. Extend you fingers to open up Charmander’s mouth.

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