Only In Russia: Bear Rides In Motorcycle Sidecar In The Middle Of Traffic

Russia. Something about that country just puts a smile on my face. Sure, yeah, I mean there’s a lot of not-so-great things, but where else are you going to see something like this? What is this, you ask? Yeah, I’m still trying to figure that out. Maybe it’s a movie shoot, maybe it’s just a Tuesday, who knows. All I know is there is a bear and he’s going to ride a motorcycle. Well, not exactly the motorcycle, he’s going to ride in the sidecar of the motorcycle. Again. Russia. I can’t say much beyond that. Take a look!

It’s like anything can happen in Russia. And most of the anythings that happen in Russia seem to involve bears. Someone adopts a pet from the wild? Probably a bear. Someone taking their pet into the grocery store? Most likely it’s a bear. Taking a ride to work on your motorcycle through midmorning traffic? Heck, let’s bring the bear. I’m just saying…if you decide to take a trip to Russia, just be prepared for a lot of bears.

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