Little Girl Accidentally Adds ‘Special Ingredient’ To Her Blueberry Muffins [Video]

Teaching kids to cook is the most fun thing ever.

For one, they learn math, reading, and all sorts of other fun ‘educational’ things while following directions.

little girl adds secret ingredient to blueberry muffins video - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s bake blueberry muffins!

For two, they get to watch living science as the ingredients form together to create a final product.

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And lastly, they get to eat the results of their hard work.

Well, most of the time at least.

While this little girl is making blue berry muffins for her family she accidentally adds a ‘special ingredient’ that might make the entire family not want to eat her newly baked muffins.

Yet, even after it happens, she’s so proud of herself and the fact that she’s cooking that mama just lets her keep going.

Take a look!

Little Girl Adds Secret Ingredient to Blueberry Muffin Recipe Video

I seriously have no idea how mom broke it to her that no one is eating those muffins.

Like, what did they do with them?

I’m so curious!

Also, I’m now wondering how many times I’ve accidentally eaten ‘special ingredients’ that my children added without knowing it.

Yeah, I might never eat again.

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Baking with kids is super fun…just watch carefully!  <–Good reason to have STRONG supervision :).

Have you ever made a baking error like the girl in this video??

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