This is a printable set of Christmas cookies, paper cookies! This Christmas printable set for kids make a super quick and easy holiday activity at home or classroom party. No need to heat up the oven…this a cookie pdf set to download, print & play!

Printable Christmas baking set for kids pretend play - pages of cookies, spatula, baking pan, decorations and more shown in printed pdf form with the words, Christmas printables, cutest ever
These Christmas printables really are the cutest thing ever!

Free Christmas Printables for Kids

This set of cute Christmas printables are absolutely the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time. This set of Christmas cookie images are an entire holiday baking kit…in paper.

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No need to turn on the oven or make a mad dash to the grocery store because all the ingredients for a fun afternoon of Christmas cookie making is right here with these pictures of Christmas cookies. Click red button to download:

printable Christmas cookie baking set from Kids Activities Blog - what the set includes and the supplies you will need to make this fun Christmas craft
Let’s make paper cookies! This is so much fun…

1. Printable Christmas Paper Cookies

Instead of pre-heating the oven, simply download the free Christmas printables. These paper cookies are a little less messy than baking them, but equally as fun.

  1. 15 cookie shapes to decorate that includes:
    • Gingerbread Man
    • Snowman
    • Christmas Tree
    • Stockings
    • Candy Canes
    • Circles
  2. Oven Mitts
  3. Cookie Sheet
  4. Cookie Plate
  5. Cookie Box
Cute printable gingerbread men and snowmen - 4 pictured on this Christmas pdf from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make paper gingerbread men & snowmen!

2. Printable Gingerbread Men & Snowmen

As part of this 9 page cute Christmas printable set, you will print this adorable page of paper gingerbread cookies. There are two gingerbread men and two gingerbread snowmen just waiting for paper icing and decoration.

Cute printable snowman decorations - top hat with holly, red and green scarves, elf caps, red swirl candy and snowman icing with green piping.
Let’s decorate our paper snowmen with hats, scarves & candy!

3. Paper Snowmen Decorations Printable

This printable page of snowmen decorations will customize your paper cookies! Start with the paper icing that has green piping. Then choose either a top hat with a sprig of holly or a red swirl candy or elf hats in either red or green. Add red swirl buttons to your snowman and finish with a scarf.

cute printable paper cookies - gingerbread trees and gingerbread stockings ready for decoration
Let’s decorate paper cookie trees & stockings!

4. Printable Gingerbread Christmas Trees & Stockings

To go with your gingerbread men and snowmen, you will need gingerbread Christmas trees and Christmas stockings! This page has three of each for your paper Christmas cookie production…

pdf download for decorations of printable gingerbread cookies - Christmas trees and Christmas stockings - stars, hearts, green and red icing and swirl candy
Decorate the Christmas tree & stocking paper cookies…

5. Paper Christmas Tree & Stocking Decorations Printable

Now you can add decorations to your paper Christmas cookies by adding either green or red paper icing to your stocking cookies or green to your Christmas tree cookies. Add additional decorations to either by cutting out and pasting stars, hearts or two sizes of red or green swirl candies.

printable spatula and red and green oven mitts to go with the Christmas cookie baking set pdf - so cute
Add a cute printable spatula or choice of oven mitt to your paper baking…

6. Printable Baking Spatula & Oven Mitts

Oh the cuteness! Add to your paper baking experience a silver spatula or your choice of red or green oven mitts.

printable cookie sheet pdf which adds to the baking set printables from kids activities blog - silver sheet
Print your baking sheet!

7. Printable Baking Sheet pdf

This silver baking sheet pdf is the perfect way to put your paper cookies into your pretend oven :). What a fun way to play.

printable cookie plate pdf with green trim great for paper Christmas cookies
Here is a plate pdf that is perfect for Santa’s cookies…

Download and print this green trimmed plate. It is really a paper plate! {giggle} I think it is the perfect way to display your newly crafted paper Christmas cookies or as a fun printable cookies for Santa.

printable foldable Christmas box for cookies - Kids activities Blog - red and white striped box with green trim that says "cookies"
Fold this printable cookie box to give a paper cookie present!

This red and white striped paper box pattern can be folded into a Christmas cookie gift box which is just the right size for printable Christmas cookies!

Print and play - picture of printables below the words "print and play"
Click below to grab this printable Christmas play set…

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Supplies Need to Make Paper Cookies

Cute printouts of Christmas cookies that your kids can decorate
Here are some of our decorated paper cookies!

Decorating The Cutest Christmas Cookies Ever

Cutting, pasting, glittering {totally a word} and pretend serving and gift giving is what this activity for kids is all about. These could be a fun stocking stuffer or included into a package headed across the country.

Christmas Printables {Absolutely the Cutest Things I Have Ever Seen} - how my kids decorated this printable set -- see the glitter, markers and plate with spatula
Here are some ways we decorated our paper cookies!

More Christmas Printables for Kids

Shhh…we have one more surprise. We know a super secret location of more cookies and decorations that you could add to your play. They are from the designer of this adorable set, and they will give you even MORE decorations to add.

And we have a bonus printable page that is a Christmas coloring page that coordinates with both sets…

Free bonus page of printable sugar cookies to print & decorate!

Printable Sugar Cookies pdf

You can download the bonus sheet by clicking here: Christmas Baking Coloring Sheet

What if you left Santa PAPER cookies this year?

Christmas printables set for kids

More Christmas Printables from Kids Activities Blog

How did you use your printable Christmas cookie baking set?

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