Easter is just around the corner! Despite the interesting weather across the country, it’s just a little over six weeks away.

Easter eggs and bunny

Last minute Easter shopping is never fun and it’s always hard to find the perfect items when you’re waiting until the last minute. This year? Costco has you covered!

Costco Store Front

These super cute, preassembled Easter totes from Costco are the best idea for Easter shopping.

Instead of going from store to store, trying to find the right chocolate bunny, the right jellybeans, and the right stuffed animal, you can just grab a single, reusable tote stuffed with all the goodies you’ll need.


What’s inside? A great assortment of Easter goodies, including Sunkist Smoothie Bars, Easter Dots, a Reese’s Peanut Butter egg, Fun Dips, Airheads, gummies, a chocolate bunny and more.


Instead of just another basket, all the Easter goodies are packed into the most adorable canvas totes, with spring and summer patterns.

There’s a blue striped VW bus with a surfboard or a pink print with pineapples and sunglasses, perfect for toys or books all year long.

Add in a Squishmallow while you’re checking out at Costco and you’re completely set for Easter!

People are starting to find these cute Easter totes at Costco for just $19.99. Since they are definitely seasonal, you’ll want to get yours when you find them. Then it’s time to relax and know you’re ready for Easter morning.

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