50 TV Shows for Kids Recommended by Parents

TV Shows for Kids Parents Actually Like - Kids Activities Blog

One of the things that made it hard for me when my kids were little was finding TV shows for kids that didn’t make me crazy.  It is tricky because I wanted them to use their very limited TV time to have fun {and hopefully sneak in a little learning}, but often that meant something […]

How to Carve a Pumpkin

how to carve a pumpkin

Learning how to carve a pumpkin well was always something I wanted to learn.  I love a well carved pumpkin!  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we have explored several no carve pumpkin techniques this season, but I thought it would be fun to revisit our pumpkin carving class. Last year, my three boys and I […]

Easiest Way to Make a Kid Movie from Your Phone

Make a MOVIE in 5 Minutes - Kids Activities Blog

I originally got into blogging as a substitute for scrapbooking.  I was scrapbooking nearly every waking moment of my first born’s life! That can be exhausting. As the expenses increased and I had less and less time to devote to this hobby, I realized one of the other barriers was that scrapbooks aren’t very sharable. […]

Craft & Activity SHARE

Its Playtime Post Share - Kids Activities Blog

Welcome! We love to highlight YOUR FUN. We have adored to feature YOUR blog posts and projects over the last few years of It’s Playtime! But we want even more! We have found the more we feature YOU, the better WE are. {insert group hug} We want you to share so we can promote you.  When […]

Easy Lunchbox Love {Free Printables}

Love in the Lunchbox - Kids Activities Blog

My kids have been back in school for nearly 3 weeks now and the shiny, newness of lunch-packing has worn off! It seems like we are in a bit of a scramble to pull things together that are lunchbox-ready and have nutritional value. This lunchbox frenzy has been made much easier with Ehrmann MIXIM Fat-Free […]

easy easy halloween decor

spooky awesome halloween decorations

Let me start this with a tiny, little admission… I am NOT a big holiday decorator. Just the THOUGHT of decorating something that will last only a few weeks makes me tired.  I do toss around a little tinsel at Christmas, but I have tried to avoid Hobby Lobby for the minor holidays. And then […]

When Should Kids Go to the Dentist & Orthodontist?

First Dentist and Ortho Visits for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

When the kids were younger, it was really clear when they needed to go to the doctor!  You had a schedule of what checkups were at what months and years along with immunizations that they had to have. Childcare and school requirement for this information made even a procrastinator like me abide by what was […]

HUGE Mom-arazzi Giveaway! Click.

big momarazzi giveaway

Are you a Paparazzi Mom? Do you take a bajillions pictures of your beloved off spring? Then you are going to LOVE this giveaway! The Ultimate Mom-arazzi Giveaway Its Back to School time……which means there are so many important moments to be documented! And if you’re anything like us, there will be thousands of pictures […]

How Can I Jump Start Labor?

How do you jump start labor

 How can I jump start labor?!  <—extra exclamation points, please! I have been there!  Those last few weeks of a nine month pregnancy seem to drag on forever.  I found that sleeping was very uncomfortable, I was still nauseated and quite ready to meet my new baby! How to Safely Induce Labor? I started doing […]

Playing with Food

Painting with Del Monte Fruit Squeezers

I have to admit that lunchtime has gotten boring. When the time to eat rolls around, the kids and I just open the fridge and hope a meal falls out. To date, that hasn’t occurred. And then the other day, I had a moment of motherhood brilliance. We added an activity that was a lunch […]

How to Choose a Rolling Backpack

what backpack to choose - Kids Activities Blog

Back-to-school time for us is very scripted. We have a list of school supplies that we need, a series of uniform pieces that are required and an never-ending checklist of books to purchase. In fact, when it comes down to it, the only big decision that the boys have is what backpack to choose! The […]

Week of Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas Packed by Kids

vegetarian lunch box ideas

My kids have been responsible for packing their own lunch boxes since Kindergarten.  It is a system that has worked well for our family because it has shifted the responsibility for school lunches from me to my boys. I am really excited about what I am sharing today.  This whole vegetarian lunch box ideas thing […]

How Much Do You Pay A Babysitter?

How much do you pay a babysitter

 How much do you pay a babysitter?  It is something that many of us have agonized over…sometimes with check book in hand! There are so many things to think about – age of the child, how many kids?, time of day, age of the babysitter, can he/she drive?, how many hours after bedtime?, where are […]

When Do Kids Give Up Their Baby Blankets?

When Do Kids Give Up Their Baby Blankets?

The blankie!  It can be the center of the universe for some kids. It is funny that not all kids get attached to a baby blanket, but those who do are devoted.  My middle child was one of those.  He had a soft blue/white checked baby blanket that was his constant companion.  I felt like […]

How Can I Keep My Baby Warm In The Pool?


Babies can be very sensitive to temperature changes.  And often their little bodies respond with skin color changes immediately. The first time I saw my baby chilly, it was a little disturbing…he literally looked blue! Living in Texas, we appreciate a trip to the pool on a warm day.  It is one of the few […]

A Very Good Steak Sandwich Recipe

Steak Sandwich Recipe - Kids Activities Blog

My husband is a really good cook. I am pretty good at cleaning up after him…which is why this works out so well for my family. When Mezzetta {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} approached me to participate in creating a sandwich recipe, I knew it was the perfect task to hand over to my husband. Mezzetta […]

Tips For Flying With A Baby

Tips for Flying with a Baby

Figuring out how to fly with a baby is challenging!  Babies need lots of stuff and are unpredictable.  Planes are full of other people and don’t like a lot of stuff. Getting advice from other parents who have been through it is probably the best bet for flying with a baby success!   Flying with a […]

Braces vs. Invisalign

Invisalign and braces

I had braces as a kid. And now as an adult I have them again.  Except this time around I am using Invisalign.  I am part of the Mom Advisory Board for Invisalign which includes complimentary treatment while I write about the experience. I am now on my 5th set of Invisalign trays giving me several […]

My Baby Insists on Being Held for Naps

My Baby Insists on Being Held for Naps

My baby wants to be held all the time! It happened to me with my first.  On one hand, I had waited so long to have him, I was thrilled to hold him day and night.  On the other hand, at some point…I needed to sleep! We settled into a system where he slept in […]

5 Easy Ways Moms Can Be Organized Every Day

5 Ways Moms Can Stay Organized - Kids Activities Blog

Keeping a family organized is a full time job. The crazy thing is that most of us have OTHER jobs too!  Whether it be a job outside the home, working from home or volunteering at school, there are balls moms juggle that make even the simplest tasks at home difficult to manage. And we all […]

School Supplies are a Big Deal!

School Supply board game - Kids Activities Blog

Oh how I love school supplies! There just isn’t anything as satisfying as a new sharp pencil, crisp notebook, or unused box of crayons. School supply shopping is an event in my home because my husband shares my love for the event. Each fall, we load up the kids with lists in hand and head […]

How Can I Keep My Kids Quiet In Church?


Keeping a kid quiet in church can be a bit of a stressful adventure.  The good news is that the majority of the people in the neighboring pews have either been in the situation themselves.  Finding quiet kid activities can often be a challenge! The first step is to be realistic about age-appropriate expectations and […]

Back To School Giveaway Pack Worth $500!

Back to School Giveaway

Guess What?! WE’RE CELEBRATING BACK TO SCHOOL WITH A HUGE GIVEAWAY! Summer is just flying by and those kiddos will be heading back to school before you know it. We know that back to school shopping can be stressful and expensive. Especially if you have more than one child. So… We want to help YOU […]

3 Boys Share 1 Room

3 Boys Share 1 Bedroom - Kids Activities Blog

When we built our house, we had two boys. And we built two bedrooms upstairs with a playroom in the third bedroom space.  My thought was that we would eventually convert the playroom to accommodate the third boy that soon arrived. What has happened in the subsequent years has shocked me… Instead of spreading out, […]

How Do I Get My Child To Stop Thumb Sucking?

Thumb Sucking Solutions

Thumb sucking. It is something that everyone seems to have an opinion on whether kids should or shouldn’t suck their thumbs, but in my experience it really isn’t up to the parents!  You can encourage the use of a pacifier, but as I soon found out…it isn’t a sure thing! Pacifier vs. Thumb My oldest […]

Make Summer Funner Giveaway!

Make Summer Funner Giveaway

It is Monday! Whoo hoo!  Let’s all get in the happy Monday spirit by making this summer funner. I know.  I know.  Please email me about my English…   Make Summer Funner Giveaway Today we are giving away a copy of our book, 101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! {affiliate link} by Holly Homer […]

What Do I Do About A Picky Eater?

picky eater

Dealing with a picky eater can be very difficult.  I know!  I have had issues with each of my kids in this area.  As a mom, I want them to have a balanced diet and be able to sit at a dinner table without needing a separate menu. But when pickiness is extreme to one […]

How To Keep Baby Occupied All Day

What to do with baby all day long

How do I keep my baby occupied all day?  It was a question that I asked myself about a million times during the 9 months leading up to my firstborn’s birth.  I mean, they are a baby!  They don’t DO anything! Keep Baby Occupied Once the baby came, the first few months were completely filled […]

Treasure Hunt for Kids – Fun & Easy!


I am so excited to tell you about the treasure hunt we did yesterday with my kids.  My kids adore anything slightly mysterious, so this was great fun. The hunt was a personalized adventure from MyTreasureHunt {Kids Activities Blog sponsor}.  MyTreasureHunt is a Kickstarter project that allows you to get in for very little money […]

12 Genius LEGO Table Hacks

12 LEGO Table Hacks - Kids Activities Blog

We adore LEGOs at our house which is why we have spent so much time trying to figure out how to wrangle them.  Millions and millions of little pieces can wreck havoc on a normally tidy house. I recently collected a bunch of LEGO organization ideas and today am following up with that thought with […]