11 Process Art Projects for Preschoolers


Process art is all about the journey of the project, not the destination.  What appears as the end result is not what is important, but instead the creativity of the child.  Simply give your kids an inspiration and the materials and let them explore and form however they’d like. Here are ways to explore process […]

50+ Fun Kids Picnic Ideas

picnic ideas for kids - Skip Hop - Kids Activities Blog

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, we eat at least one meal a day outside…sometimes all three! While daydreaming of warmer days, with the help of Skip Hop (Kids Activities Blog sponsor), I am planning and scheming for our next picnic. We are going to have the best picnic season this year! Kids Picnic Ideas The […]

Have an Awesome Day Giveaway

Happy Day Giveaway

It is Monday which means we are just giving away money again! I adore Mondays!   Each Monday we have been giving away $50 as a thank you to YOU, our dear reader, for stopping by and hanging out with Kids Activities Blog. {group hug} Today is no different!  $50 is up for grabs.  Each […]

10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments

10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments

These preschool science experiments are perfect for your three and four years olds!  These are fun and eye grabbing which are perfect ways to slowly introduce them to the world of science.  10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments 1.  Rock Garden – Use a few household items to grow crystals on rocks.  Let your kids add […]

Homemade Thank You Cards

homemade thank you card for kids - Kids Activities Blog

Being the mom of three boys has made me aware that the world of printed thank you notes falls into two categories – floral or business.  My boys wouldn’t be caught dead writing inside a note they consider ‘girly’ and I just want to yawn at the generic ‘THANK YOU’ in Times Roman font. Today […]

Make Pink Pancakes in Honor of Barbie’s Birthday!

Pink Pancakes - Birthday Breakfast for Barbie - Kids Activities Blog

March 9 is Barbie’s birthday!  Barbie is an icon of childhood play. As a girl, I remember the world we created around our Barbie dolls.  Today is no different.  Girls around the world dream through play with Barbie. Did you know that one Barbie doll is sold every 3 seconds somewhere in the world? Kids […]

3 {Springy} March Coloring Pages for Kids

March Coloring pages - Kids Activities Blog

We are super excited today to publish our March Coloring Pages.  These March coloring sheets have a springy feel and will get you and your color-lovin’ kids in the mood for warmer weather. Kids Activities Blog LOVES printable coloring pages – free, fun, kid, activity – what isn’t to love? March Coloring Pages Print off […]

Have a Happy Day {Today} Giveaway

Happy Day Giveaway

In our quest to make this world a happier place, we {again} are giving away $50 this week! It really is a win-win…   We get to surprise a reader with $50 and you help us spread the word about all the fun things happening here at Kids Activities Blog. To enter, simply choose one […]

10 Fun Ideas for Messy Play

10 Fun Ideas for Messy Play

Let’s get messy!  These activities look like so much fun and your kids will love making a mess without getting in trouble. Everyone loves the chance to be a fun parent now and again, so if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, maybe consider getting a little messy with these kids inspired by […]

15 Creative Indoor Water Play Ideas

15 Creative Indoor Water Play Ideas

You don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy water play.  We’re showing you how to splash around inside!  Grab a few towels and get ready for your kids eyes to light up when you tell them they get to play with water somewhere besides the bathtub.  These awesome water play activities are inspired by […]

Let’s Have a Happy Day Giveaway!

Happy Day Giveaway

Over the last few weeks we have been having a ball giving away $50 each week. Today is NO exception! Let’s spread some winter cheer through a little thank you giveaway! Your entry helps us spread the word about Kids Activities Blog…and we THANK YOU for that! To enter, fill out at least one of […]

Hormel REV Meat Snack Mix Inspired Cup Crafts for Kids

Cup Crafts Sponsored by Hormel Rev Meat Snack Mix

There is a new snack in town…literally. Hormel® REV® Meat Snack Mix has rolled out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a limited time in nearly 20 Kroger locations.  We were excited to be in the chosen location so that we could work with Hormel on spreading the word and celebrating National Snack Foods Month […]

10 Ways to Learn About The Moon


Our moon is so fascinating.  Space itself is really fun to learn about, but today we are focusing in on the moon.  My little one is always interested in where the moon is and when it is “going to sleep” and “waking up”.  How can we teach our kids about it?  We’ve got a handful of […]

10 Fun Reading Activities for Beginners


Here are some really fun reading activities for your little ones.  As always, we love combining fun with learning.  Sometimes, we can even sneak it in!  We’re sharing these ideas today inspired by School Time Snippets.  Start your kids love of learning now! 10 Fun Reading Activities for Beginners 1.  Re-use bottle caps to create a […]

30+ Stuck Inside Games for Kids

30 Stuck Inside Games for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

There are always days when kids are stuck inside to play.  Often it is due to weather, but there are tons of other reasons why outdoor plan may not be an option! Kids Activities Blog is excited to announce that we are working with Together Counts as a Blog Ambassador in 2014 to spread the […]

DIY LEGO Storage Pick Up & Play Mat

DIY LEGO Mat - Kids Activities Blog

As you may have noticed, we are a little LEGO crazy around here.  I love this project because if you don’t have the space for a dedicated LEGO table, this LEGO play mat is a great play and storage solution.   DIY LEGO Storage Play Mat To create your pick up and play mat, you […]

Win an iPad Mini at #Thrively Twitter Party

win ipad mini summer camp chat with thrively

We are super excited to be part of a fun event that will be happening on Twitter next Wednesday, February 19 at 8:30 pm under the #Thrively hashtag! We have been working with Thrively – a new site that assesses and suggests local activities for kids.  It is part of the celebration of their expansion […]

Happy Day Giveaway – Post-Valentine Hug Edition

Happy Day Giveaway

The week after Valentine’s Day always seems a little dreary. The heart-shaped balloons are deflated, the candy eaten, the flowers have died. I have just depressed myself! STOP!  Let’s just have a group hug! Thank you.  I feel much better. In our quest to brighten the day, we are giving away another $50 this week! […]

A Complete Guide to Kids Chores

Kid Chores feature

Kids and chores don’t always mix well.  But today we’re going to give you lots of ideas to get started motivating them and making cleaning fun! We have something for everyone and every age.  If you are implementing kids chores at your house, this is the perfect guide for you. Kids Chores 1.  Here is […]

12 Fun Light Play Activities


These fun kid activities are sure to excite your little ones.  There are so many fun ways to play with LIGHT!  A lot of these would be a perfect boredom buster to keep around in case of a power outage.  But even with no reason at all, these are great fun. We’re sharing these light play […]

What Activities are a Good Fit for Your Kid?

choosing a sport or activity that your child will love - sponsored by Thrively

One of the things that has surprised me most about motherhood, is that despite all my children coming from exactly the same gene pool, they are so different! They all share a love for LEGO bricks, Minecraft, going to a Rangers baseball game, and snow skiing.  If you dig for the next favorite things to […]

Happy Day Giveaway Again – February

Happy Day Giveaway

In our quest to make every day a happy day, we are giving away $50 each week here at Kids Activities Blog! Every Monday. And today is Monday!   Happy Day Giveaway Worth $50 We are giddy over sending a little love YOUR way and adore how your entry into this giveaway helps us spread […]

12 Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

12 Fun Games to Make and Play At Home

These fun games are a definite boredom buster!  More than that, they are fantastic ways to learn.  Don’t you love sneaking in learning time without your kids even knowing it?  After all, learning should be fun! These games, inspired by Mothers Madness, are easy to create at home with little supplies. 12 Fun Games to […]

15 {Fun} Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

15 {Fun} Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

These fine motor activities for toddlers are so much fun.  If you’re looking for a resource of fine motor play ideas, this is it! Inspired by Sugar Aunts, these activities are the perfect fun solution to learning and playing. 15 {Fun} Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers 1.  Here’s a painting activity that is fun for young kids […]

Printable Minecraft Apps – Play in 3D!

Printable Minecraft Apps bring Minecraft to life for free - Kids Activities Blog

You can print Minecraft blocks and characters that can be folded into 3D objects. How do I know this? My 8 year old showed it to me today.  He had created all these pixelated items that reflected some things he had built in Minecraft and I wanted to know how he did it!   Print […]

18 Band Bracelet Valentines for Kids to Make & Give

15 Band Bracelet Valentines Kids Can Make - Kids Activities Blog

Band bracelets are all the rage and Valentine exchanges at school this year is the perfect time to share a bracelet with a friend! We love how these band bracelet Valentines are things that kids can create themselves. Band Bracelet Valentines Bee Mine Band Bracelet Valentine – Use the colors and pattern created on a […]

Easy Homemade Band Bracelet Valentine – Bee Mine!

band bracelet valentine - Kids Activities Blog

Yesterday as my second grader got into the car after school, I noticed that he was wearing a band bracelet that a friend had given him during the day. I have a feeling that the 2014 Valentine season will be long remembered for the exchange of band bracelets.  Every kid is making them and they […]

easy lasagna recipe

Easy Lasagna Recipe - Kids Activities Blog

This very easy lasagna recipe was so yummy that I didn’t even get a picture of the finished dish before we ate it! But let’s get started at the very beginning. This recipe for Beef, Arugula and Spinach Lasagna was suggested to me as part of a sponsored program through the Texas Beef Council.  My family […]

Happy Day Giveaway {February Edition}

Happy Day Giveaway

It is Monday… it is a celebration around here because we are giving away $50 EVERY Monday in February! Woot!  Woot!   It is our way of spreading a little warmth and sunshine. Each entry below helps us spread the fun we have here at Kids Activities Blog. We thank you for that! To enter, […]

25 Valentine Coloring Pages for Kids – Print & Play!

25 Valentine Coloring Pages for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

Valentine coloring pages can be such an easy craft for kids.  Coloring pages are versatile for classroom and home depending on the amount of time and crafting energy! We have searched some of our favorite sources and found a collection of Valentine’s Day coloring pages that will surely have the perfect coloring sheet for YOUR […]