14 Ways to Bring The Ocean Inside

The ocean is a magical place.  Some may be lucky enough to live so close to one they can experience its wonder regularly.  For those that don’t, we have this great list of activities,  inspired by Katie from Gift of Curiosity.

Bringing the ocean inside is the perfect winter activity for kids.  Books in this list are linked with affiliate links.

14 Ways to Bring The Ocean Inside

14 Ways to Bring The Ocean Inside

1.  Make a batch of pretty blue  ocean playdough  and add some seashells for a sea scene.

2.  Use colored sand and stencils to create beautiful  sand paintings.

3.  If you’re looking for a children’s book to go along with your activities, here’s a list of ten great books about the ocean like One Tiny Turtle.

4.  Here is a fabulous list of 16 different ocean-themed Montessori trays.  These are perfect for engaging preschoolers in ocean-themed learning.

5.  Make your own ocean in a bag!  Use hair gel, sand, and plastic fish to create a simple way for kids to explore.

6.  If you’ve ever collected shells at the beach and would like to save them, here is a creative memory craft to keep all those shells together.

7.  Here is a kid-friendly lesson in ocean science focused on the difference between salt and fresh water, what causes waves, and how waves break down rocks.

8.  Try these  sensory bins for learning about the ocean and exploring hands-on.

9.  Explore seashells with all five of your senses and track your findings.

10.  Download these eight, free ocean animal do-a-dot printables featuring a jellyfish, crab, whale, fish, octopus, sea turtle, clam, and sea star.

11.  Make sand clay from sand, glue, and corn starch for some ocean-themed sensory fun.

12.  Use stamps to create ocean art depicting an underwater oasis.

13.  Visits to tide pools and the aquarium provide great hands-on opportunities for kids to learn about the animals of the ocean.

14.  Explore the jellyfish by making your own model that even lights up!  This would be a great activity to go along with the book Jenny Jellyfish.


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