My kids love their piggy banks. Today we have a big list of homemade piggy banks that are sure to please kids of all ages. I love how a piggy bank is a tangible way kids can see money and when kids help make the coin banks, it brings more attention to the important skill.

20 Piggy banks for kids to make savings fun - 6 homemade piggy banks pictured with coins and dollar bills - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a piggy bank!

DIY Piggy Banks make Saving for Kids fun!

Piggy banks allow kids to see how just adding a few coins each day will really add up to saving. Once the piggy bank is filled, we head to the bank to add the money to their savings account which is always an exciting day.

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Who doesn’t remember having a piggy bank. I went through so many as a kid from actual piggy banks, crayon banks, truck banks, and more. But I never made my own. My kids loved making their own banks and making a piggy bank is a fun craft to do as a family. So, to spread the fun we put together a bunch of super cool ways to make piggy banks for kids.

Piggy Banks Kids Can Make

1. Batman Piggy Bank

DIY piggy banks for kids - superman and batman mason jar piggy banks craft finished shown with money
Let’s Make a Superhero Piggy Bank!

This is so fun for superhero fans! They can make their own Mason Jar Superhero Banks. You can make a Batman or Superman piggy bank. via Fireflies and Mud Pies

2. DIY Piggy Bank Ideas

DIY piggy banks for kids - piggy bank project made out of a formula can decorated with fabric and a chalkboard sign
Use What You Have at Home to Make Your Own Piggy Bank!

If you have an empty formula can, you can make this Formula Can Piggy Bank. via It Happens in a Blink

3. Ice Cream Piggy Bank

DIY piggy bank - mason jar ice cream fund themed homemade piggy bank for kids
Save Up For Your Favorite Thing with a Homemade Piggy Banks

This is my kind of piggy bank! This is an Ice Cream Piggy Bank, perfect for saving up for an icy treats. via Yesterday on Tuesday

4. Large Piggy Bank

DIY piggy bank for kids - very large pencil shaped piggy bank being held by crafter on white background
Your Piggy Bank Can Be As Big as You Want!

This huge bank looks like a pencil and can hold a ton of change! Can you fill up this Giant Mail Tube Piggy Bank? via Damask Love

5. Duct Tape Piggy Bank

DIY Totem pole bank made with duct tape, old tin cans, markers and construction paper from Mer Mag Blog
What a fun DIY bank idea!

I love that this has three sections: to spend, to save, and to give. Plus, this Totem Pole Banks from Cans and Duct Tape is super cute. via Mer Mag Blog

6. DIY Money Box

DIY piggy bank for kids - shadow box bank with "rainy day" on the glass
Make Your Bank See-Through so You can See the Money Being Saved

Add a photo of what you are saving for in this shadow box. This DIY Shadow Box Bank is perfect if you are saving for something big. via A Mom’s Take

7. Homemade Piggy Bank

DIY piggy bank for kids - piggy bank that looks like a pig made from a baby wipes container shown with child's hand
Your Piggy Bank Can Look Like a Pig

How cute is this Piggy Bank from a Wipes Container. It is one of the easiest ways to make a bank. Plus, it is perfect for smaller children who don’t have the best fine motor skills yet. via Sunny Day Family

8. Pink Glitter Piggy Bank

DIY piggy bank for kids - upcycle an old piggy bank with glitter - this piggy bank is covered with red glitter
Make Your Piggy Bank Sparkle!

I love this Pink Glitter Piggy Bank Spice up a boring piggy bank easily! You can use for favorite color sparkles and even mix and match the colors! via Greta’s Day

9. Dinosaur Piggy Bank

DIY piggy bank for kids - paper mache dinosaur projects made into piggy banks
Make a Dino Bank!

Who doesn’t love Dinosaurs? If your child is a Dino fan then they will love this Paper Mache Piggy Bank Dinos. Use paper mache to make a pink pig bank way cooler. via Red Ted Art

10. Mason Jar Piggy Bank

DIY piggy banks for kids - orange mason jar piggy bank with the words "cha-ching"
Super Cute DIY Piggy Bank Project!

Cha-Ching Mason Jar Piggy Bank – This bright and fun jar turned piggy bank is so cute. via Dukes and Duchesses

More Creative Bank Crafts for Kids

Piggy banks for kids made from recycled bottles or super hero piggy banks made from mason jars.
I love the spend and save bottles.

11. Money Bank Box

DIY piggy banks for kids - 3 different piggy bank ideas shown made out of cereal boxes: pig, robot and save
Transform a Cereal Box into Your Own Custom Piggy Bank

Going green is the best! Here are three fun ways to recycle a cereal box into a DIY Cereal Box Piggy Bank. via Kix Cereal

12. Piggy Bank Craft

DIY piggy banks for kids - mayo jar piggy bank idea shown here on a table

Make your own piggy bank with a Mayo jar. The best part is this Mayo Jar Hamm Piggy Bank is not only another great recycle project, but the same piggy bank as the one from Toy Story! via Thrifty Fun

13. Piggy bank Made Of Plastic Bottle

Recycle plastic bottles by making this Soda Bottle Piggy Bank. This adorable piggy bank is fun to make and looks so cute. via DIY Projects

14. Turtle Piggy Bank

DIY piggy bank - turtle bank made out of recycled food containers shown with hand putting in a coin
Make a Turtle Bank!

Use plastic bottles and foam to make this Turtle Piggy Bank. These tiny banks that look like turtles and actually float! via Krokotak

15. Piggy Bank Jar

Wanting an easy DIY piggy bank craft? This Mason Jar Piggy Bank is simple to make and you can decorate it anyway you want or leave it as is.

16. Minion Piggy Bank

Pinterest:  Make this DIY Minion piggy bank!
Pinterest: Make this DIY Minion piggy bank!

Everyone loves Minions! You can make your own Minion Piggy Bank from Water Cooler Bottle. Here’s a fun way to make your own piggy bank. via Pinterest

17. Piggy Bank Craft Ideas

Don’t throw out your Pringles can! Use it to make this Pringles Can Piggy Bank. Personalize it and make it your own.

18. Saving Jar

This Disney saving jar is the perfect way to save money for Disneyworld! If you are saving up for a Disney trip, these are perfect! via Poofy Cheeks

19. Plastic Piggy Banks

Get crafting with this DIY Airplane Piggy Bank. This is so cool, you would never know it was made from a plastic bottle. via BrightNest

20. Spend, Save, Give, Bank

These Spend Share Save Piggy Banks are my favorite. This is a really great bank that reminds kids to spend some, save a little, and give. via eHow

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Some Of Our Favorite Piggy Banks

Don’t want to make your own DIY Piggy banks? These are some of our favorite piggy banks.

More Fun Money Activities for Kids

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Leave a comment: What DIY piggy bank from this list does your kids plan to make?

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