OMG. I literally can’t stop laughing after watching this famous orangutan driving a golf cart around Dubai.

orangutan face up close
Yep, I can drive.

Orangutan Drives a Golf Cart Video

“This video was taken in Dubai at the menagerie, a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition, of Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum, the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates.

The orangutan in this video is named Rambo. While we haven’t been able to find many specifics about Rambo (such as her age or how she ended up in this zoo), we have found several other videos of Rambo and other animals at Sheikha Fatima’s zoo.”

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Watch the Funny Orangutan Video

Now We All Need Orangutan Chauffeurs!

What I love about the video is that the orangutan just seems so confident about his driving.

And the orangutan driving isn’t bad at all! After teaching several kids to drive, I am pretty impressed with the road skills!

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What did you think of the orangutan driving video?

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