Decluttering the house {when you have kids}

Sometimes,  decluttering the house {when you have kids} can seem impossible!   I read once that trying to clean with kids can be like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreo cookies.

Today I’m going to try to help to make that just a little easier with over 50 tips to declutter the house.

how to declutter your home with kids

Decluttering the house {when you have kids}

tips on how to clean with kids

Getting everyone involved:

Lets just be honest- if you can afford to hire someone to clean for you, I say do it!  If not, you can totally keep up with it on your own!

My #1 cleaning rule of my house, learned from my mom,…  “Back out of a room.”  You are picking up and cleaning up as you go.   It keeps rooms clean and cuts down on stress.

You might want to start by having a cleaning intervention with your family.

Get everyone involved! Read why you need to Stop Doing That for your Kids (you are doing more harm than good!) and figure out just  How to Get Kids To Clean.

You can even  Trick  your kids Into cleaning!  Ask them to pick up four things, “just four” – if you do that often enough habits will be established.

Give your children Age appropriate chores (NO CHORE CHARTS NEEDED!) I don’t use chore charts because they just add to my “to-do list”, but if your kids respond well to them (my nephew loves his chore chart!), I would find one from this awesome list: 20 Best Chore Charts for Kids

Here are some great FREE Kids {Clean-Up Time} Printables to get you started!


cleaning tips


You could start off by trying a little Speed Cleaning!  Set the timer.

Make a Daily Cleaning list for you & your kids and try to stick to it!

Cut back on chemicals and use vinegar to clean!  (You can use lemons to clean, too!)

If you really want to give your kitchen a deep-cleaning, take a look at how to clean each & every thing in your kitchen.

Keep your bathroom clean for your family and your company by doing a quick cleaning every day- just a ‘freshen up’ of your bathroom.

Clean out your refrigerator regularly, too – make it easier by using plastic wrap on your shelves for easy clean up.  No more scrubbing forgotten spills.

You can always just save the ‘real’ cleaning for another day & clean your house in a hurry if company is on their way! Be sure to make sure that your house smells good! 

For more tips, check out this Master Cleaning Checklist.

declutter your house


Last year, I was so fed up with clutter.  It was weighing me down physically and emotionally!

Bet you have some of these unused things to throw away – including old paint, expired food in the pantry, and holey dishcloths!  Donate them (or tossed!)

You can even Get rid of toys without drama (really, its true!).

Decluttered every room:   The closet (via the Realistic Mama),  the kitchen, the The Office/School Area, even my mail!

I donated some things and I sold some things. (via  I even re-gifted some things!

Toys were taken care of, by me, if they were left out.  Check out these Clutter Busters for Kids

Do you still feel like your area is clutter?  Try some of these Tiny Storage Solutions for Cluttered Spaces

tips for home organization


I could talk about organizing your home all day long…  Instead, I’ll just share how to Organize your Home in 40 days (going room by room)   It starts with organizing your refrigerator.

If you have a smaller home, try these tips on how to organize a small house(via Beauty Through Imperfection)

It can be hard to keep a toddler’s room organized (via Beauty Through Imperfection), but you can try little things like keeping their toys in open bins on the food.

Above all, I find that by Organizing the kid’s things, it really makes a HUGE difference.  Remember to get them involved in keeping their rooms clean (this one tip should solve that issue!)

My husband build this amazing DIY storage bench to hold the kids shoes, coats and backpacks!  I love it!

I use binders a lot- you can learn How to Organize Your Life/Learning with Binders, too!

declutter your home
Hacks & other tips:

Mix it up a bit- instead of just cleaning, try out these  Deep Cleaning Hacks (like using a pillow case to clean a fan!)

Do laundry in a new way – with these laundry hacks (like adding two cups of white vinegar to the load of towels every month to keep them fresh)

Turn a guest room into a play room with this DIY Murphy bed (another awesome build by my husband for only $150!)

Get your kids in on the fun- use socks for more than just keeping their feet warm.  Try Sock Mopping: Exercise and Clean at the Same Time

To save time every week, I always pack lunches once for the whole week.  It is such a huge stress-saver and time-saver!

Remember, it is important to have a tidy home, but it is equally important to have a kid-friendly home!

If you want more genius ideas, these hacks for the Home are just what you are looking for!



Thank you for trying out these tips!  I hope that they are helpful for you!  Enjoy all that this time, while your children are young, has to offer.

As the poem by Ruth Hamilton says:
“The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow, for children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. 
So quiet down, cobwebs.  Dust go to sleep.   I’m rocking my baby… and babies don’t keep.” 


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