482481856_dacf499a71_mI am not a kitchen gadget user. A good knife has always done fine for most jobs for me. But for some reason, gadgets find their way into my kitchen just like everyone else’s. lol! This is the week that I release the gadgets from their dusty tombs in my drawers to someone else’s hands that will love them (or at least use them). With this in mind, my declutter frenzy moves on to the Kitchen. 1.           Dishes, cups, and flatware 2.         Baking dishes and pots (including stored ones) 3.         Mixing bowls, utensils, and gadgets 4.         Cookbooks and kitchen towels/napkins 5.         Small appliances (and large ones if you have them to spare) 6.         Pantry (all out-dated food goes) 7.         Canning supplies and any other stored food prep items are cleaned or gotten rid of. It is great to take stock of what we have before we begin cooking in earnest for holiday feasts in a couple of weeks.   Every kitchen has a ton of things that are sentimental. For many people, food comes with emotion. And mostly good emotion. For this declutter challenge you may want to bring in a friend to help you be as brutal as you want to be. For more cleaning your kitchen tips, check out this great list.     Check out Val’s personal blog for more cooking and organization ideas!   She’s the guru around here!

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Thanks to the KitchenDesigner for the photo!

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  1. I love gadgets (but I use them!). However, I have a ton more room after giving away all my plastic containers, and I have hung lots of things on the insides of my cabinet doors where they’ll be easy to find. The rest have been sorted and gone into baskets. Three cabinets down, three to go!

  2. I am so glad that I found your blog (through 5MFM). My kitchen is in desperate need so I am glad that I found this post!