Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to close your eyes, click the heels of your sparkly red heels together three times and open your eyes to a clean house? I think so too. Unfortunately, I haven't met anyone who has succeeded in making that happen. If you have, please send them my way. In the meantime, I ™m going to teach you the next best thing, Speed Cleaning. Speed Cleaning provides the very first step-by-step set of instructions on housecleaning. It's a proven method that furnishes even the most profoundly cleaning impaired the wherewithal to clean in the smartest way possible. For 18 years we ™ve kept records of every visit to thousands of households. We ™ve used time-and-motion analysis and an endless comparison of cleaning products and equipment to develop a method that would save every step and every moment possible. We clean 18,000 times a year. Our three-person team can clean an average house in 42 minutes “ start to finish! And now I ™m going to show you how. Over the course of the next thirteen weeks, I ™m going to share with you our trade secrets of Speed Cleaning. When you learn how to shave off unnecessary steps, motions, and repetitions, you ™ll move closer and closer to full attention. You ™ll become a pure cleaning machine “ a Ninja warrior of cleaning, if you wish. In no time, you ™ll be working smarter, not harder, and reclaiming the spare time that always seems to vanish from your life. Good luck and have some fun with the time you save.

Speed Cleaning Rule #1: Make every move count.

Make every move count. “What does that mean?” Simply put, it means work around the room once. Don’t backtrack. It also means you must carry your equipment and supplies with you so you don't make dozens of aggravating trips back and forth across the room. Walk around the room once and you’re done, except for the floor. You and I are going to take Speed Cleaning one step at a time. Practice making every move count this week and I ™ll be back next week to share rule #2 with you. Question of the week: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Speed Cleaning?”

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