small storage thumbnail My husband came in and told me that I was taking this ˜decluttering thing ™ too far when he caught me vacuuming out my tool boxes. He told me it was against the tool welding code to vacuum tool boxes in the first place. If you have a tool box, it is supposed to be messy and have dust. lol!

But alas… my tool boxes now have no dust. Each one (one for garage and one for house) has a multi head screwdriver (yet another “no-man’s” idea… according to most men I have met, if it has more than one use it isn’t a “real” tool), needle nose pliers, a small wrench, tape measure, a level, and a good hammer. All of those little bobs and bits that have cluttered the bottom of my tool box and various bags and boxes throughout the years are now all neatly in mason jars and I will probably follow that ancient tradition of screwing all the tops under a shelf in the hopes that they will stay neat and out of the way… at least for a little while.

small storage ideas

This really is the best way to keep these types of things. I currently have one jar for each; nails, screws, tacks, batteries, cup hooks, picture hooks, and headless tack nails (for woodworking).

I threw away a lot though. Old tiny bits of used sand paper, paper plans, bolts from beds we haven’t had for years, etc. It all went. The garage tool box lowest section was dedicated to all the things we definitely will need, but don’t need very often. Things like dry wall patch, wood putty and the putty knife, touch up paint for the car, packages of wool pads for the bottoms of chair legs, the knife sharpener… stuff like that.

I went from a whole cabinet to a milk crate and my two tool boxes. It feels pretty darned good… Even if I could have done it less meticulously (according to The Man anyway.   😉 ).

Creative Sotrage Solutions
Creative Storage Solutions

Do you have any interesting storage solutions? We’d love to hear about them! For more organization ideas, check out Val’s personal blog, Collecting the Moments!

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  1. Too bad this is 5 years old, would have been nice if she showed how she made the holder
    Are the caps screwed to the wood and you “open” the jar to get into it. Does it slide from right to left so you have to take everything off to get to middle, Or does it have a slide behind each cap to slide it backwards ?
    Great Idea for several areas

  2. Love this idea! Totally great! I think it may be a bit more convenient if you put a metal strip beneath the wood, then you could hook the jars to the metal strip via DIY magnets glued to the lids, this may make it easier to get something when you need it. Totally go an surprise my boyfriend and do this to his tool bags!

  3. How did you hang up those jars like that? I love the idea, but can’t figure out how you got them to hang on the wall so neatly! I want to show this to my husband and clean out his toolbox now, but want to go in ‘prepared’ to explain the idea completely.


  4. This idea is awesome, using the solution that you give to keep things that we don’t use often but that sometimes we use it :p

    I would never thing to keep this things, because is common that I always I’m throwing this thing to the garbage, but then I realize that those thing that I throw I need in another ocassion 🙁 but with your idea I thing that is good to storage tiny things when we don’t have a lot of space in our houses.