A new company called Homejoy has expanded into Dallas that offers home cleaning for ANY size home at a low rate of $20/hr. Clean House I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical.  In my experience, finding someone who is background checked, insured/bonded, and trained AND willing to clean my house costs quite a bit more! I was excited to try out the Homejoy offered to let me try it for free to see for myself how it worked. The first step was to visit the Homejoy website and enter in basic information about where I live and answer a few questions about my house.  I could also select additional cleaning services like laundry, inside fridge, inside oven, inside cabinets, interior window and interior walls.  There was a place for me to add additional instructions. Based on my answers, Homejoy estimated how much time it would take and then I selected an available time. Once confirmed, my appointment was scheduled. Once the appointment was scheduled, I had a picture and background introduction to the person who would be cleaning my home in my Homejoy account.  I liked having a photo to identify the person when they knocked on the door. There is also contact information for Homejoy in case anything doesn’t go according to plan.  Which ended up to be what happened with me.  The person scheduled had a last minute emergency and couldn’t come to my house as planned.  I called Homejoy and they were able to find someone else and rescheduled the appointment.  When I went back to my account, the new person’s photo and bio were available for me to view. The actual home cleaning went great.  It only took me 5 minutes to show my Homejoy cleaner around and then she went to work.  I found the work to be thorough and she followed special instructions extremely well.  She had brought cleaning supplies, but asked if there was anything I would prefer she used. Several hours later I had a completely clean house. It was THAT easy. When I return to the Homejoy website, my information is already there.  I can schedule another appointment or change details of what I want cleaned.  There is the flexibility to ask someone to come for a certain amount of hours. I am really excited to have an inexpensive and easy option. Thanks so much to Homejoy for providing me a free cleaning.  All opinions expressed in this article are my own.  I plan on using them again in the future.

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