Keeping track of kids’ chores can sometimes be challenging.  We love when kids are involved in the daily chores {have you seen our kids chores by age?}, but it has to be easy! A chore chart for kids needs to work WITH your family…not be work for the family.

20 Chore Charts for Kids - Kids Activities Blog - collage of different chore charts for kids of all ages that go beyond a check list
The right chore chart can make chores fun for kids!

How to Make Chore Charts For Kids Fun

One of the main reasons that chore charts work is that they are a visual and fun way to chart progress and give recognition. Keep chore charts colorful, lively and full of positive reinforcement! A chore chart can be a gamification of daily chores which is always a motivator for those kids who love competition (even if it is with themselves).

20+ Chore Board Ideas for Kids

We have been highlighting all sorts of fun chore chart ideas on our FB page over the last few months.  They are among our most shared items!  I thought it would be a good idea to put all these ideas in one place to make it easier to find something that fits YOUR family.

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Homemade Chore Chart Ideas

Instant gratification chart – I love this idea so much!  The reward is literally built-in to the chart so there is no haggling or negotiating!

Chore ring – another genius idea to have chores easily in hand and all in one place.  It also is super cute!

Baking pan chart – I love, love, love this!  Such a fun upcycle that makes a nice wall hanging.

Magnetic chore system – This can be purchased from Etsy.  It is completely precious and would make an amazing family gift {maybe for your own family}!

To-do board – Simple DIY system that is easy to understand and change as needed.

Dry erase printable – Set up for back-to-school, but super cute for any day!

Magnet photo chart – This is lovely way to assign chores and because no reading is needed, it works for kids of all ages.

Button system – This is a fun idea that uses a shoe organizer and some buttons to keep everyone on track.

Chores Board Ideas for Elementary Students

Paint chip chart – It is colorful and completely customizable…and kids can help make it!

Washi tape board – Set up as a “big helper” board, this is gorgeous and would be lovely to hang in the kitchen.

Chore sticks – Love this idea from Simply Kierste.  They are preciously decorated craft sticks with chores on one end.

Spinning chore chart – Turn chore time into a game show.  Could I love this any more?  No!

Scratch-off chore chart – Geniously fun!  I think just making this homemade scratch-off would be 1/2 the fun.

Ice cream chart – This is a fabric ice cream cone with multiple scoops.  I think it could easily be made with colored paper and laminated if you don’t want to pull out the sewing machine.

Monster chart – The monster eats cookies each time a chore is crossed off its belly…too cute to explain!

Photographic chores – This is awesome.  So awesome and I wish I had thought of it.

Chore dice – These homemade dice can be customized to your family’s needs…and then it is all in the roll!

Electronic Chore Chart Ideas

There is an app for that – Yep, this is my genius allowance solution that has been kid-tested in my home for 3 years.

Monetary Based Chore Board Ideas

Commission Reward Chart – You probably know who Dave Ramsey is by now and this reward chart is based off his principles.

Responsibility printable – This printable chart has daily duties, commission activities, bonus activities and even fines!

text: 20 of the most fun Chore Charts for Kids - collage of 4 different ideas for kids chore charts from magnets to popsicle sticks
That doesn’t LOOK like a chore chart!

Work for hire – This is another instant gratification idea that is a super cute family job board.Whew!  That should keep your kids busy for awhile!

Please stop by our FB page and post a picture of what your family uses for keeping track of kids chores.

Chore Chart for Kids FAQs

What should be included in a chore chart?

A chore chart for kids should include a list of age-appropriate tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. Chores can include cleaning their bedroom, tidying up the living room, helping with laundry and dishes, taking out the garbage, feeding pets, and doing yard work. Additionally, it is important to assign a specific day or time for each task and make sure to include rewards or incentives for completing tasks on time.

What age should you start a chore chart?

In general, 4 years old is a good age to start using a chore chart with kids. By age 4, kids should be able to understand basic instructions and follow them through. Younger kids might be able to start a chore chart with very simple chores.

How many chores should a child have a day?

The good news is there is a chore chart for almost any age! Generally speaking, children as young as three or four can start with simple chores like putting away toys, getting dressed without help, or helping to set the table. As they get older, more complex tasks such as doing laundry or taking out the garbage can be added to their chore list. Choose a chore chart based on your child’s age, chore ability, interests and motivation!

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