Today, we are featuring 2 fun free kids printables from the Little Bunny series. Make clean-up time fun with these adorable free kids printables.  The first printable is a seek and find while the second is a matching game!  After finishing these free kids printables, kids can talk about where to put away belongings in their own rooms. Clean up seek and find kids printable

Little Bunny Free Kids  Printables:

These free kids printables make clean-up time fun by turning chores into a game.  After finishing each page, kids can play a similar game by tidying up their classroom or  their own room!

Pages for Kids:

The first printable encourages kids seek and find items hidden within the coloring page.  After kids have found each item, they can color the page as well.  The second printable  is a  matching game.  Match what bunny is holding with the place bunny should put it away!

Click here to download and print:

Clean-Up Seek and Find Kids Activity Printable

Clean-Up Matching Game Kids Activity Printable

When kids are done, come show us your finished pages on our FB wall  and post your child’s completed projects. We’d love to hear if kids have enjoyed playing these clean-up games in their own room as well!

More Coloring Pages for Kids:

Don’t miss all our other wonderful printables at  activities for kids coloring pages.    You will find endless hours of fun!

Click for more printables Visit the  Little Bunny series  for lots of printables.  The adorable Little Bunny books were created by Dianne Miller for her own children when they were preschoolers!

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