50 Things you can do with a Card Board Box!!

We buy a TON online, especially in recent months – and this means we have TONS of boxes. Don’t throw away your cardboard – before you recycle it, play-cycle.

Here are 50 things your kids will *love* to do with your excess boxes.

50 cardboard toys for kids


Card Board Toys

Paper puss-n-boots.  Bring life to your carboad boxes by cutting them into story book characters.

Make a no-water-needed aquarium – the fish are cardboard.  Love how bright this version is from Made by Joel.

FInger puppets are so fun, and easy to create.  Cut holes into your “people” for the fingers. via Pink Door Mat.

There are no instructions from this post from Cargo Collective, but the concepts are terrific – LOTS of cardboard animal face ideas you can wear!

Create an animal “drop box” – if your kids are like mine they will love dropping animals (or cars) through the slots.  via Meri Cherry.

Your kids will disappear for an hour – all youneed is a big box and a handful of crayons!  via Berry Sweet Baby.

50 ways to create with cardboard

Card Board Crafting

Bring your self-portraits to life and “make a twin”.  Color a picture of yourself and transfer it to cardboard, add brads for movement and you have a paper puppets.

Minecraft is huge at our house, if it is at yours too, try making these cardboard “creepers” from Ambrosia Girl.

What a fun play date and a great way to enjoy all your Amazon boxes!  Build and paint box towers in your yard.  via Meri Cherry.

Take your play house with you – this foldable cardboard house is perfect for trips to the park or a playdate at Grams – via This Heart of Mine.


50 ways your kids can create with cardboard

Kids Getting Boxy

Make pendulum art using a diaper wipe dipped in paint, suspended and swung onto a card board box.  Have a hose nearby for easy clean-up.

Get ready for battle, create swords and a shield with cardboard and paper mache – via Red Ted Art.

Create musical instruments with your leftover boxes.  This one uses rubber bands from Minieco.

A large box can be the perfect playscape.  Draw roads and scenery for your small world toys to explore.  via The Imagination Tree.
more things your kids can do with card board boxes

More things to make with boxes

You can create a working loom using cardboard boxes and sturdy yarn.  Super nifty!  via Craft Lovers.

Take off one side of a box and tape the tops together as a “pitched roof” for these fun crawl-in homes.  via Lofts in Soho.

Get building.  You can cut cardboard into shapes to create a set of stackers.  These are a great disposable toy – put a baggie-full in your bag.  via Meaningful Mama.

Cubbies are fun.  Make a collection of box-holes to organize small toys.  via Top Tips.

This is a nifty pattern, worth the funds!!  It shows you how to transform a box into a multi-story doll home.  Available on Etsy.

Use circles, paint and googly eyes, along with magnetic tape to create some fun animal faces.  via Meri Cherry.


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