It all started from this cardboard pony. My son loved it so much, I decided to make more cardboard animals for him to play with. It could be a great homemade gift for kids to give since they also can participate in making these adorable cardboard animals. Choose your favorite animal and let’s get crafting.   cardboard giraffe

How to make a cardboard animal

You will need:
  • cardboard
  • our  giraffe template (or draw your own)
  • scissors or craft knife
  • Paint and a brush
  • also, some patience for cutting. There will be some serious cutting involved. But if you do it during your favorite podcast or TV show time will pass by faster. The blisters on your hands will show the hard work you did.
makin ziraffe 1. Print our giraffe template, cut it out and trace it on the cardboard. Make at least 10 giraffes. 2. Carefully cut out all cardboard giraffes you traced it. 3. Glue all of them together. Let it dry. 4. Optional. Color your giraffe. This is where kids can help you doing it. cardboard giraffe make     playin ziraffe     cardboard giraffe toy I hope you get inspired to create some cardboard animals as toys for your kid. It’s a great project because it ends with even better result. Also, it’s a good way to up-cycle that cardboard you have laying around in your garage.

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Check out this super cute giraffe craft!

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