Pendulum Painting: Fun Ideas with Cardboard Boxes

Pendulem Paint a cardboard boxCardboard Boxes – There are so many fun things that my preschoolers and I can do with them!   They among my kids favorite “toys”.   Rachele from Tinkerlab, in honor of her 1-year blogging birthday, is having a round-up of activities you can do with cardboard boxes.   Fun!   We had fun “throwing paint” onto our box with a makeshift pendulum.


How to have fun playing and decorating a   cardboard box?

We used paint, yarn, a clothespin, diaper wipes, a cardboard box and some willing kiddos to help the paint fly.

.decorating cardboard boxes with kids

After tying the yarn to a nail we had hanging on a beam, we squeezed the paint onto a diaper wipe, pulled back and let it fly!   When that got boring we began throwing the wipes.   Could you believe that my two year old left to go play in a different part of the yard?   We were having too much fun for her – that and it was harder for her to reach/pull/throw the paint.     Poor thing.

.Pendulem paint with preschooler and boxes

Many thanks to the other participants in the Cardboard box challenge.   Have fun browsing their submissions:



  1. How fun!! Love the idea of throwing wipes dipped in paint:) We did some messy art too….

  2. I love this! I can so see Selena doing this in our back yard, once it stops raining of course.

  3. What gorgeous photos! Throwing paint-filled wipes would make my daughter laugh — we’ll have to try it this summer. Thanks for joining the collaboration!

  4. Throwing paint is always fun. I’m starting to wonder whether any of us actually ever do any painting with paint 🙂

  5. What a colourful and happy mess! And the photos are lovely. Poor thing, your little 2 year old – she must have felt overwhelmed. But, a few months down the line, she’l give you good competition at throwing the wipes! haha..

  6. I need to pick up some paints! My little dude is 2 1/2 and we haven’t ventured into painting territory yet. : )

  7. Thanks for the great idea, my kids need some new play ideas and this is a great one. Looks like fun! They already love constructing anything and everything with the egg cartons 😉

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  9. Caroboard boxes have so many uses, when making fun craft activities for kids.

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