Best Play Recipes

We are collecting the best recipes for play.

These are just some of our favorite slime, goop, gak and silly putty recipes.

I hope they inspire your kids to play as they have ours!

slime recipes for kids

This recipe for slime not only is a blast to play with, it is also edible and chemical-free! via Fun at Home with Kids.

Dr. Suess is a fun and silly author.  This batch of oobleck captures all the goofiness of many of his characters.  via Modern Parents Messy Kids

After making a batch of oobleck or goo, consider trying one of these 5 fun Oobleck Experiments with your kids.

slime recipes for kids 1

You can make goo from toilet paper!  This stuff has a fun texture – it’s perfect for digging and clumps together nicely.  via Picklebums

Are you worried about the mess?  I know I am!  Bust out the kiddie pool and test out this Colorful oobleck recipe.  via Creative with Kids.

Fool-proof fluffy slime. If you have struggled making slime in the past, then this is the recipe for you. It’s easy to make with glue, shaving cream and liquid starch. Via Sows Sprouts Play



slime recipes for kids

Oh. My! Look what happens when you fill a strainer with goop. This slime recipe is extra goopy! via Juggling with kids.

Rainbows are fun, bubbles are fun. What if you mixed both of them to create a Colorful Soap Foam for your kids to explore – it’s a blast! via Fun at Home

slime recipes for kids

Bigger is better, right? How about bigger, better and smells really, really yummy? This Chocolate Stretchy Goo is fabulous! via Fun at Home

Glitter is something we often avoid as it can find itself everywhere, but mixing glitter into goo is a great way to contain the sparkle. Love this rainbow slime recipe. via Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Do you want to add some science to your slime? Tinkerlab explores good with straws as her kids blow bubbles into dripping gak. Cool!



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